Retech AG Switzerland will expand production facilities

Retech AG Switzerland has very optimistic prospects for the future, therefore the existing production facilities are being expanded, a new workshop will be added which is actually the 4th expansion.
The new workshop, which will be put into operation in spring 2011, is not only an increase of capacity for production but will also be showing a significant addition to the already respectable size of the plant.

In line with building’s annexes, the product range has also been enlarged. In 1985 the main products were components for the textile industry, such as heating units, draw pins, small heated godet rolls and temperature controls. Since then, the product range was multiplied by innovative achievements. There are no longer only high-tech components, developed and manufactured precisely by Retech which are sold worldwide, today’s business is the complete design and production of complex draw stands, built according to customers individual requirement. DTY lab-equipment (TEX2000), On-Line tension monitoring systems for DTY machines (Win-OLT), air-bearing separator rolls, heated and actively cooled godet rolls in a large range of design and dimensions are the everyday’s challenge at Retech.

Retech serves customers (OEM’s and end-users) globally in all 5 continents and is enjoying an excellent reputation concerning customized solutions, from specific design to perfect implementation.

Retech Aktiengesellschaft was founded in 1974, in 1985 Retech moved into present days head office/production facilities. In the last 25 years the premises have been expanded several times steadily and continuously.
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