Cinte Techtextil China 2014


Groz-Beckert at the Cinte Techtextil China 2014 Nonwovens for all requirements of the automotive industry

The cut open TexCar by Groz-Beckert will be presented at Cinte Techtextil China
The Cinte Techtextil China, the leading trade show for technical textiles and nonwovens in Asia, this year expects around 500 exhibitors from 19 countries on a surface of 35,000 square meters making it 45 % larger than last time in 2012. On 150 square meters Groz-Beckert will be dedicating itself to the topic of nonwovens used for car interiors.
The TexCar a carefully cut open and specially prepared Mercedes E-Class model reveals exactly where textile materials are used in modern cars. In its presentation of solutions, Groz-Beckert will be focusing on special needles for the production of needled nonwovens that are visible in the car interior.

Visually appealing, resistant or functional: Depending on the requirements and desired material and surface properties, Groz-Beckert recommends different needle types and will be handing over the relevant needle samples to its customers right at the exhibition booth.

Visitors at the Groz-Beckert booth (hall E7 / booth D02) can find out how headliners, floor coverings, parcel shelves or trunk liners can be produced not only in top quality but also efficiently and economically!
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