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Jeanologia receives the ‘Cristobal Balenciaga’ award from the Spanish Fashion Academy

Spanish fashion industry professionals recognize Jeanologia’s leadership in transforming the global textile industry towards more sustainable practices. “We develop technologies that enable designers to create beauty while taking care of the planet. This will shape the future of fashion,” explains Enrique Silla, CEO and founder of Jeanologia.

Jeanologia has been honored with the title of 'Best Business Project' in the inaugural edition of the Spanish Fashion Academy Awards, aimed at recognizing and highlighting the key players in the Spanish fashion industry.

At an emotionally charged gala celebrating Spanish talent, Jeanologia emerged as a leading authority in sustainability and technology applied to fashion. Over the past three decades, this Spanish company has revolutionized the textile industry with its innovative technologies, significantly improving textile production efficiency and reducing environmental impact by drastically reducing water and energy consumption and eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.

The accolade from the Spanish Fashion Academy acknowledges Jeanologia's global vision and leadership, as well as its ability to catalyze positive change in the global fashion industry. Chosen from over 400 contenders and endorsed by the votes of 129 distinguished founding academics, the award reflects unanimous recognition of Jeanologia's influence in the sector.

The award ceremony, held on Thursday, June 13, at Madrid's Teatro Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa, attracted prominent figures from the Spanish fashion scene and marked a significant moment in Spanish fashion, paying homage to the legacy of Cristóbal Balenciaga, a pivotal figure who would have turned 129 in 2024.

Enrique Silla, CEO and founder of Jeanologia, graciously accepted the award statuette, a design by Helena Rohner inspired by Balenciaga's iconic headdress. He expressed his special gratitude as it pays tribute to what he described as "the giant of twentieth-century global fashion and the most influential figure in Spanish fashion." Silla echoed Balenciaga's ethos, highlighting fashion as an expression of beauty and art, but also of effort, innovation, and passion for detail. “The way a product is made is part of its DNA and cannot be beautiful if it is made in a contaminating manner. Jeanologia develops technologies that enable designers to create beauty while taking care of the planet. This will shape the future of fashion,“ he added.

Enrique Silla, CEO and founder of Jeanologia, presenting the award © 2024 Jeanologia
Enrique Silla, CEO and founder of Jeanologia, presenting the award © 2024 Jeanologia

The founder of Jeanologia also highlighted Spain's role as a global leader in sustainable technologies for fashion and thanked the Academy for its contribution in giving visibility with this award to the team of over 200 'Jeanologists' spread around the world and, by extension, to the engineers and technologists who are behind the scenes of Spanish fashion. "Fashion, planet, and science come together today thanks to the Spanish Fashion Academy," concluded Enrique Silla.

With this award, Jeanologia celebrates its past achievements, while never losing sight of a future where fashion is synonymous with beauty, innovation, and responsibility.

Jeanologia: over 25 years transforming the textile industry

Since 1994, Jeanologia's mission has been to create an ethical, sustainable, and eco-efficient textile industry. The company works closely with brands, retailers, and their suppliers on their transformative journey, offering disruptive technologies, innovative software, and a new operational model. Its revolutionary solutions, such as laser technology, G2 ozone, Dancing Box, e-flow, and H2Zero, have revolutionized the textile sector, offering unlimited design and finishing possibilities. These advances not only reduce costs but also save water, energy, and chemicals, ensuring zero pollution.

In 2024, Jeanologia celebrates the 25th anniversary of its pioneering laser technology, launched in 1999, which revolutionized denim finishing by replacing harmful practices and eliminating the use of harmful substances. With the same purpose, Jeanologia now faces the dual challenge of reducing the environmental impact of garment dyeing processes—one of the most polluting in the industry—through its revolutionary ColorBox technology and implementing its ATMOS ozone washing process as the reference technique for eco-efficient denim aging.

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