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BekaertDeslee’s Purotex+ powered by HeiQ Allergen* Tech wins Interzum Award

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HeiQ, a leading provider of sustainable textile and material technologies, is proud to announce that its HeiQ Allergen* Tech has powered the award-winning product, Purotex+ from global leader BekaertDeslee. The innovative solution for mattress ticking won the Interzum Award in the category “High Product Quality”, being one of the six prizes given to BekaertDeslee by this prestigious tradeshow.

Purotex+ powered by HeiQ Allergen* Tech is a game-changing solution for reducing exposure to allergens in bedding. The technology uses active probiotics to reduce exposure to allergens, including house dust mite matter, and pet allergens. HeiQ Allergen* Tech has received the Seal of Approval by Allergy UK, and independent testing has shown that it reduces exposure to inanimate allergens by up to 96.6%, making it a highly effective solution for allergy sufferers.

The Interzum Award recognizes exceptional design and innovation in the furniture production industry. Purotex+ was selected for the award from a field of 280 submissions from 25 countries. The jury praised the product’s design, innovative features, and its contribution to improving the quality of life for people with allergies.

“We are thrilled that Purotex+ powered by HeiQ Allergen* Tech has won the Interzum Award,” said Demet Tunç, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at BekaertDeslee. “This award is a testament to the innovative and sustainable solutions we provide for our customers, and we are proud to partner with HeiQ to bring this technology to the market.”

Carlo Centonze, CEO of HeiQ, added, “This recognition highlights the importance of our mission to create innovative solutions that benefit consumers and the environment. We look forward to continuing our partnership with BekaertDeslee to bring sustainable and effective solutions to the market while improving the lives of billions, in a path that started back in 2013 when the same company won the Interzum Award for adopting HeiQ ADAPTIVE to mattress ticking.”

BekaertDeslee’s Purotex+ powered by HeiQ Allergen* Tech is now available and can be found in bedding products from leading brands.

* Inanimate allergens such as house dust mite matter & pet allergens.

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