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HUNTSMAN launches five new footwear technologies ahead of SIMAC 2019

Ahead of this year’s SIMAC show in Milan, Italy, Huntsman’s footwear team has announced the launch of three new water-blown polyurethane technologies that it will be promoting at the 2019 footwear fair. The business also revealed details of two brand new AVALON® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) grades.

New technologies will be key focus at forthcoming footwear event

Visit Huntsman at SIMAC 2019 - Hall 14, Booth A44: 20 to 22 February 2019

Four months after launching its DALTOPED® AquaPUR technology, Huntsman has developed three additional technologies – creating a portfolio of innovative, fully water-blown, polyether soling solutions that provide excellent flow and surface definition and can improve the look and feel of shoe soles.

DALTOPED® AquaPUR GRIP technology delivers all the advantages of DALTOPED® AquaPUR technology but offers a softer compound resulting in greater slip resistance.

DALTOPED® AquaPUR Lite technology enables footwear manufacturers to decrease the weight of shoe soles by up to 35% and is ideal for the production of slippers and low heel sandals.

DALTOPED® AquaPUR Lite ENERGY technology is perfect for high quality footwear thanks to its superior energy return which offers up to 40% more rebound than standard systems.

Huntsman’s DALTOPED® AquaPUR technologies are designed for footwear manufacturers that want to make the switch to using a water-blown system but don’t want to compromise on quality. As standard, DALTOPED® AquaPUR technologies provide good cold flex properties plus hydrolysis and slip resistance. Suitable for the direct-on process and casting of unit soles and midsoles, DALTOPED®AquaPUR technologies are compatible with standard polyurethane processing machines. Offering excellent flow characteristics, they can enable the production of complex soling designs in multiple color combinations. They also have superior blend stability in the machine tank and can be processed at room temperature - which helps reduce energy consumption and shortens the production cycle.

Huntsman will also be promoting two brand new highly transparent TPU grades at SIMAC 2019. AVALON® 65 DHT TPU and AVALON® 85 AHT TPU are the latest additions to the company’s popular AVALON® AHT range, which was first launched back in 2014. Providing harder and softer alternatives to AVALON® 90 AHT and AVALON® 95 AHT grades, the new grades join a family of products that offer excellent UV resistance combined with high mechanical properties.

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