Vidya Award 2017 – Prizes for innovative workwear designs

Human Solutions Group booth at Texprocess 2017 (c) 2017 TexData
The winners of the Vidya Award 2017 received their awards at the Texprocess in Frankfurt am Main. First place and prize money of €1,000 went to Jana Hofmann from the Bremen Technical University of Arts. Christina Blum from the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences took second place with prize money of €500.
Once a year, Assyst GmbH, a subsidiary of the Human Solutions Group, hosts the Vidya Award for young designers. The task this year was to develop a design for workwear with the 3D simulation software Vidya and then to sew the real garment.

1st place for a student from Bremen

1st place went to Jana Hofmann, who studies at the Technical University of Arts in Bremen. She convinced the jury with her outfit for mailwomen, consisting of leggings, shorts, longsleeve, pullover and rainjacket. All the garments can be combined and worn in both summer and winter. “The idea is based on the sporting outfits of bicycle couriers and delivery services,” explained jury member Karine Georgi, Group Textile Care Solutions  bei der CWS-boco International GmbH. “The design and the implementation are very detailed. These details were very well implemented, in both the 3D simulation with Vidya and also in the real garment. The size & fit on the fashion manikin and the avatar is absolutely comparable.”

2nd place for a student of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences

Christina Blum, a student at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences took second place. She submitted a warning protective overall for women named WOMEN’S H.e.r.O. “We were impressed by her approach that focused on the women’s target group for personal protective equipment, (PPE) where size & fit is crucial,” says Lena Nussmann, Consultant Sizing & Fitting/Vidya at Assyst. “The design is characterized by an elaborate pattern design with many cut pieces. The different textures were solidly elaborated and simulated and the functional aspects were also addressed very well. She also made sure that her work complied with PPE standards.”

Record applications for the Vidya Award

There were around 52 applications for the Vidya Award 2017 – more than ever before. “The skill level of the submitted work has increased significantly – this shows that working with 3D simulations has indeed arrived in our schools and colleges and is increasingly becoming a matter of course for the students”, says jury member Prof. Dr. Michael Ernst from the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. All schools and colleges with textile and clothing technology departments that use the Vidya 3D simulation software were eligible to participate.

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