PERFORMANCE DAYS continues to focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a duty in the textile industry and PERFORMANCE DAYS wants to be the engine (c) 2019 PERFORMANCE DAYS functional fabric fair
It seems there is a lot of talk about sustainability these days – across the industries and around the world. A large share of the exploitation of resources and environmental pollution is (still) caused by the textile industry, specifically in the areas of water consumption, use of harmful chemicals, and CO2 emissions. This is the reason why the trade fair for functional fabrics and accessories, PERFORMANCE DAYS, taking place at November 13-14 in Munich, is dedicated to the topic of sustainability and has covered it comprehensively for several years now.
Sustainable textile production requires much more than recycled fabrics – PERFORMANCE DAYS exhibits the world of possibilities

According to Marco Weichert, head of the trade fair, "Sustainability is expected. It is our duty to act sustainably in all stages of the textile production process. Sustainability is much more than simply using recycled fibres and fabrics. PERFORMANCE DAYS was early to showcase this on a broad scale. We have accompanied the sustainable developments in the industry for many seasons, but even more, we provided the impulse in various directions for sustainability research and development."

Marketing manager Lena Weimer added: "Our FOCUS TOPICs featured sustainability issues early on and provided a focus to our innovative fibre and fabric producers to pursue developments in this field. Whether recycled fibres, recyclable materials, the important topics of biodegradability, water conservation or the use of natural fibres for functional fabrics – we show all possible textile aspects of sustainability for the industry."

Major new framework program on Day 2 – The SUSTAIN&INNOVATE Conference

PERFORMANCE DAYS together with trade magazine SAZ Sports&Fashion has organized the first International Sustainability Congress, to be presented in November 2019 for the first time and featuring a brand new format for the textile industry with the title SUSTAIN&INNOVATE. The lectures and discussion panels on Day 2 of the fair focus exclusively and comprehensively on the topic of sustainability. International guest speakers will address all aspects of sustainability in lectures and discussions in the EXPERT TALK AREA of the exhibition hall on November 14th, 2019. More detailed information on this program will be available in the coming weeks.

PERFORMANCE FORUM and FOCUS TOPIC WALL exclusively feature sustainable materials

PERFORMANCE DAYS takes its responsibility for sustainability very seriously and has made the decision – as announced in July – to present only sustainable materials in the curated PERFORMANCE FORUM. Also, to give visitors an overview of all aspects of sustainability, the FOCUS TOPIC WALL is dedicated to the topic. Visit the FOCUS TOPIC WALL to see the 24 most sustainable fabrics as selected by the jury as well as explanations of all areas of sustainability. Detailed explanations are provided for the key areas listed below:

  • Recycled fibres
  • Natural fibres from renewable resources
  • Recycling qualities
  • Bio-degradables or compostables
  • Microplastics
  • Product life cycles
  • Water conservation
  • Energy savings
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduce chemicals

The current "state of the art" is highlighted in all of these topics as they pertain to the textile industry. Further important developments are also summarized at the FOCUS TOPIC WALL.

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