STC Spinnzwirn is a new company of the Starlinger Group

Already in May 2018, the Austrian Starlinger Group announced the successful acquisition of the Chemnitz-based business unit Barmag Spinnzwirn from Oerlikon. With the closing (final transfer of ownership) effected on October 1, Oerlikon Barmag Spinnzwirn now turns into the independent company STC Spinnzwirn GmbH (Starlinger Textile machinery Chemnitz).

“With STC Spinnzwirn, we welcome a new member to our group of companies that ideally complements our portfolio. This means that we can offer our worldwide customers even more individual solutions from a single source,” says Starlinger Managing Partner Angelika Huemer. “With this strategic step, we strengthen our position as world market leader in plastic fabrics and expand it with related product areas.”

Steffen Husfeldt, designated Managing Director of STC Spinnzwirn, adds: “The next years will show that this change of ownership holds tremendous opportunities for everyone involved. All of us – the management as well as the 160 employees of STC – look forward to getting started and realizing our full potential. The family-owned company Starlinger is the ideal partner in this venture.”

STC Spinnzwirn was founded in 1866 under the name “Workshop Carl and Anton Hamel” and thus looks back on more than 150 years of textile machinery engineering. In the center of activities of the Chemnitz-based long-standing company are turnkey extrusion plants for the production of tape and monofilament yarns such as artificial grass, baler twine, or carpet backing. 

In the market for these sought-after special applications, STC Spinnzwirn was formerly a competitor of Starlinger; from now on, customers will benefit from the bundled expertise in research, development as well as worldwide sales and service. Another asset for the new owner is the winder technology of STC Spinnzwirn, as the group of companies already includes a winder technology specialist with Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG based in Eschwege/Germany. The combined know-how of the two companies encourages a focus on core competencies and key markets, allowing the Starlinger Group to offer an even broader, customer-oriented product range in the future.

The first joined trade show appearance of Starlinger, SAHM and STC Spinnzwirn will take place at the textile machinery exhibition ITMA 2019 (June 20-26) in Barcelona.

Steffen Husfeldt / STC Spinnzwirn (c) 2018 Starlinger
Steffen Husfeldt / STC Spinnzwirn (c) 2018 Starlinger

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