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H&M Group reports robust Q2 and six-month performance

The H&M Group has reported a robust performance in the second quarter (March 1, 2024 – May 31, 2024), with net sales rising by 3% to SEK 59,605 million. Gross profit surged by 11% to SEK 33,569 million, improving the gross margin to 56.3%. Operating profit increased significantly to SEK 7,098 million, achieving an operating margin of 11.9%. Adjusted operating profit stood at SEK 7,297 million. The result after tax soared by 52% to SEK 4,995 million.

In the first half of the year (December 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024), net sales edged up by 1% to SEK 113,274 million. Gross profit rose to SEK 61,224 million, and the operating profit increased to SEK 9,175 million. Cash flow from operating activities improved to SEK 16,567 million.

H&M has been recognized by for its climate initiatives, receiving the highest score among leading fashion brands. Additionally, the company’s AGM authorized the potential buyback of B shares until the 2025 AGM.

CEO Daniel Ervér highlighted the group's best results in years, emphasizing the company's strong financial position and commitment to sustainable growth. Despite a predicted 6% decrease in June sales due to adverse weather conditions, H&M remains optimistic about continued growth.

Key Highlights:

+ Q2 net sales: +3% to SEK 59,605 million

+ Q2 gross profit: +11% to SEK 33,569 million

+ H1 net sales: +1% to SEK 113,274 million

+ H1 gross profit: SEK 61,224 million

+ recognition for climate efforts

+ Authorization for potential B share buyback

With a focus on customer experience and strategic investments, H&M is poised for profitable and sustainable growth.

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