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German-Chinese cooperation agreement signed

Alexander Lüking (ITA), Shaoxiong Zhou (Septwolves) and Dr. Robert Brüll (ITA) with the cooperation agreements (from left to right, source: Septwolves)
The companies Septwolves, China, Carpus+Partner AG and the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University, short ITA, (both Aachen, Germany) have agreed to cooperate in the future in the fields of textiles, education, technology and artificial intelligence.

The cooperation agreement was signed on 10 September in Shanghai, China. Septwolves is the leading menswear manufacturer in the Chinese market and one of the country's innovation leaders. The event took place during the presentation of the Septwolves summer collection in the presence of over 300 invited guests.

The cooperation between the three partners arose from the desire to put ITA's textile technology expertise and its industry-oriented developments, especially in the areas of digitisation, artificial intelligence and learning factories such as the Digital Capability Center in Aachen, Germany, into practice and to establish innovations on the Chinese market.

Within this cooperation it is planned to use real-life laboratories in China and thus to enable the testing of new developments in an application like environment. The cooperation is primarily intended to benefit German technology suppliers and Chinese users and consumers. Further project partners are to be integrated within the framework of the cooperation.

In this partnership Carpus+Partner assumes the role of project manager, ITA acts as a link between the two countries China and Germany as well as between research and industry.

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