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ICAC Secretariat releases 2021 reports on world cotton statistics, cotton trade and textile demand

Every year, the cotton and textile industries eagerly await the release of three major annual publications from the Secretariat of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC):

Executive Summary

The ICAC Secretariat Reports include the release of:

  • ‘World Cotton Statistics’, a very large Excel spreadsheet with some information dating back to the 1920/21 season
  • ‘World Cotton Trade’, which contains data on raw cotton dating back more than 40 years
  • ‘World Textile Demand’, which provides analyses of world consumption of textile fibres, mill use and trade of cotton yarn and fabric and production of chemical yarn for more than 100 countries

1) World Cotton Statistics. Available on a USB drive, this huge Excel spreadsheet provides:

- World cotton supply/demand statistics since 1920/21 (by country since 1940/41),

- Production, area, yield, consumption, imports, exports and stocks,

- Five-year projections,

- Monthly and seasonal average prices of cotton and polyester,

- Comparison of ICAC forecasts since 2001/02 with actual results, and

- It also includes an overview of factors affecting world cotton prices; changes in world stocks and government policies affecting trade; and statistics on aggregate world cotton supply and use.

2) World Cotton Trade, which offers:

- Trade developments in raw cotton since 1980,

- Analysis of world trade by region,

- Import/export projections for approximately 50 countries,

- Matrices of trade flows, 

- Seasonal estimates of export commitments to date,

- Data on trade for all partner countries for each reporting country, and

- Information on the value of cotton lint traded, with the data sets already been updated for the past six seasons for each of the reporting countries (new for the 2021 issue).

3) World Textile Demand, which includes:

- Comprehensive analyses and projections of world end-use consumption of textile fibres, mill use and trade of cotton yarn and fabric and production of chemical yarn for over 100 countries,

- Provides analysis on events that have an impact on world textile demand and cotton’s share of the textile market, and

- World textile fibre end-use demand with 5-year projections.

Subscribers who purchase the Statistics, Trade and Textile Demand reports will get the mid-year update, which is typically released at the beginning of the ICAC Plenary Meeting, at no additional charge.

To purchase one or more of the above publications, please click here, then click ‘Paid Publications’ and select the publication you want:


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