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Autefa Solutions welcomed customers from the Indian Nonwoven Industry

Autefa Solutions Customer Day India - Andreas Meier, Product Manager Nonwovens; Alexander Stampfer, Regional Sales Director Nonwovens; Amar Surve, Sales Manager India (c) 2019 Autefa
On January 18, 2019 Autefa Solutions realized a Symposia for the Indian nonwoven industry. Autefa was pleased to welcome a high number of potential customers and industry experts in Mumbai with the target to share latest developments in Needlepunching, Spunlace and Airlay technology as well as retrofit solutions.

Autefa Solutions is a leading full line supplier for complete nonwovens lines and represents companies with a long tradition and a history of years of successful participation in the market. Combining the experience of the companies AUTEFA, Fehrer, FOR and Strahm the company stands for high quality, durability and performance made in Europe.

Alexander Stampfer, Regional Sales Director, Autefa Solutions explains: “Our overall goal is to be close to our customers to better understand their needs. As a full line supplier for carded- crosslapped needlepunch lines, spunlace lines and thermobonding lines we offer a wide product range for the nonwovens sector, including fiber preparation, carding, needling, thermobonding, hydroentanglement, drying as well as end-of-line equipment. The customer today is more demanding and requires lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). “ The mayor nonwoven industry trends of high productivity paired with low maintenance cost and high flexibility for various nonwovens products increase the demand for top quality machines from Autefa Solutions.

In India geotextiles, automotive products, wipes, sanitary napkins and baby diapers showing very promising growth rates. Typical applications of needle-punched nonwovens are artificial leather, automotive felts and carpets. Products for thermal and noise insulation are typical applications for the Airlay technology. Overall India’s nonwovens industry is entering into a rapid development stage with huge market potential ahead. Energy saving, higher machine availability and reduced maintenance cost are market requirements, which Autefa Solutions continuously aim to fulfil with innovative solutions. There is also an increasing product quality demand.

Alexander Stampfer, Regional Sales Director, Andreas Meier, Product Manager Nonwoven und Amar Surve, Sales Manager India from Autefa Solutions have been present to welcome and interact with the customers.

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