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Long time, no see: Mayer & Cie. at Svenska Textilmaskinmässan

Together with the local agent Textrico Ab, Mayer & Cie. the Swedish textile machine exhibition, the Svenska Textilmaskinmässan. The industry event, which took place from October 13th to 14th, 2022 at the Textile University in Boras, was the first of its kind after a long break. The trade fair was organized by TMAS (Textile machinery association of Sweden), TEKO Sweden (interest group for textile machinery) and the Swedish Textile Technical School in Boras.

The event addressed international textile machine manufacturers on the one hand, and textile entrepreneurs from Scandinavia and the Baltic States on the other. The three organizers had identified a growing interest in local, sustainable textile production in Sweden. They also saw the willingness to invest, so that the organization of the industry event was obvious. 

Convincing visitor numbers

The attention given to the mini-fair in the rooms of the textile technical school in Boras confirmed the assessment of the initiators. Thomas Zizmann, Head of Sales at Mayer & Cie. reports: “Especially on the first day, the fair was so well attended that visitors had to wait to be admitted.” Together with his Swedish colleague Magnus Haglund, Zizmann manned the information stand at the trade fair. There, customers, students and interested parties were able to take a look at numerous samples and talk to the circular knitting experts.

Applications beyond the standards

The majority of the trade fair visitors came from the Scandinavian countries. She was particularly interested in the production of technical textiles and the processing of wool. Thomas Zizmann: “Classic yarns made of cotton or polyester play a subordinate role for textile manufacturers in Scandinavia. The processing of local materials is important, especially wool. Scandinavian knitters also rely on the processing of sustainable yarns, such as cellulose. In addition, the idea of innovation is great: A lot of research is being done on technical applications. ”

Hub for innovation

One place for such new developments is the Swedish textile college in Boras. The university offers courses in textile technology and design and is also strong in research and development. Two circular knitting machines from Mayer & Cie. are part of the equipment: A Relanit 0.8 and an OVJA 1.6 EE are knitting in Boras in southern Sweden. “Both machines offer a wide range of options, also with regard to the yarns that can be processed on the circular knitting machines,” says Thomas Zizmann.

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