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SDSONEAPEX3 (c) 2019 Shima Seiki
Leading flat knitting solutions provider SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Wakayama, Japan, together with its Spanish sub­ sidiary SHIMA SEIKI SPAIN, S.A.U., will participate in the International Leather Footwear and Leather Product, Components and Machinery Exhibition (FUTURMODA) in Elche, Spain this month.

The global shoe industry is currently evolving at a rapid pace, adopting various textile and material technologies espe­ cially in the area of fit, comfort and functionality in footwear applications. Working off the recent trend in knitted shoe uppers in the athletic footwear market, SHIMA SEIKI proposes knitted fabrics to the footwear market from casual to formal and in­between, as an alternative to the prevailing material in this field—leather. To that effect SHIMA SEIKI will be showcasing the latest applications of computerized flat knitting technology to demonstrate its contributions in this field. On display will be its compact SVR093SP machine especially designed for shoe­upper manufacturing. SVR093SP features a dedicated loop presser bed mounted above the rear needle bed. This permits full use of inlay technique for the production of hybrid fabrics that feature both knit and weave characteristics, suited to shoe upper applications that require form­fitting function, comfort, flexibility, breathability as well as strength and stiffness. Also on display will be the SWG091N2 WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine featuring SHIMA SEIKI’s original SlideNeedleTM technology. This largest of the SWG­N2 series allows shoe uppers, socks, gloves, tights as well as other footwear and legwear to be knit in one entire piece without the need for sewing afterward.

SVR093SP (c) 2019 Shima Seiki
SVR093SP (c) 2019 Shima Seiki

The latest version of SHIMA SEIKI’s SDS­ONE APEX3 3D design system will also be available for demonstrations in design and simulation of suited to shoe production. Of particular interest is its ultra­realistic simulation capability that realizes Virtual Sampling. When countless variations must be evaluated before arriving at a final design, virtual product samples can be used to streamline the decision­making process by minimizing the enormous amount of time and cost normally associated with producing actual samples for each variation. The sustainability factor is also undeniable con­ sidering the amount of material normally gone to waste in the sampling stage.

Exhibition Details

Exhibition: International Leather Footwear and Leather Product, Components and Machinery Exhibition (FUTURMODA)

Date: Wednesday, 16th ­ Thursday, 17th October 2019

Hours: 9:30AM ­ 7:00PM

Location:  IFA (Alicante Exhibition Centre) - N­340, Km 731 03320 Elche (Alicante) SPAIN - Tel: +34 966 657 600

Organizer: Spanish Footwear Components and Machinery Association (AEC) Tel: +34 965 460 158

Booth No.: A23

Exhibited Technology

SVR093SP­SV14G - Computerized flat knitting machine

SWG091N2 15G - WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine

SDS­ONE APEX3 - 3D design system

SWG091N2 (c) 2019 Shima Seiki
SWG091N2 (c) 2019 Shima Seiki

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