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Manufacturas Eliot adopts FastReactPlan to manage increase in order volumes and complexity and reduce lead times

© 2022 Coats Digital
Coats Digital is pleased to announce that Colombian fashion textile group, Manufacturas Eliot SAS, has selected Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan to digitally transform its supply chain - enabling it to respond in an agile and integrated way to growing market requirements, reduce its manufacturing lead times and manage its complex network of sewing manufacturers effectively.

FastReactPlan has been selected to digitize production planning processes so that Manufacturas Eliot can manage its increasingly complex supply chain more effectively and synchronize manufacturing operations to meet increasing demand.

Established in 1957, Manufacturas Eliot designs and produces fashion goods for its Patprimo, Seven Seven and Facol brands. The vertically integrated manufacturer produces more than 20 million garments per year and employs over 4,500 workers across Colombia.

Carlos Mario Pérez, Production Manager of Manufactures Eliot said “The current market conditions require an increasingly agile response to changes in consumer demand and the traditional approach of producing garments, based on a projection and sell strategy, is no longer sustainable. We required a flexible and efficient supply chain capable of producing ever shorter runs as well as more complex products in a shorter lead time.FastReactPlan’s simulation tools will make this possible, so that we can adjust our plan accordingly and respond quickly to demand changes, without sacrificing efficiency – whilst ensuring the workload of our sewing suppliers is always guaranteed.”

© 2022 Coats Digital
© 2022 Coats Digital

The implementation of FastReactPlan is part of Manufacturas Eliot digitization strategy to re-engineer its entire supply chain. The project will include automatic planning of sewing and embellishment processes, as well as provide greater visibility to over 200 workshop teams across the company. The expansion of the project to the denim factory will be factored in as a second project phase, later in the year.

© 2022 Coats Digital
© 2022 Coats Digital

Oscar González, Coats Digital, LATAM, said: “The implementation of FastReactPlan at Manufactuas Eliot is a significant milestone for Coats Digital in the region. The Colombian market is strategic for us and we are proud to have a company like Manufacturas Eliot among our clients.”

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