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Coats Digital and Phong Phu International collaborate to win a digital-led recovery

Phong Phu International (PPJ), one of the leading textile producers, garment manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam, is optimising spare capacity with the help of FastReactPlan, Coats Digital’s world class fashion production planning and control software application. Harnessing the power of online communication and collaboration platforms to effectively deliver software and training, Coats Digital and PPJ have collaborated to deliver an initiative that is critical for the industry.

With a mutual ambition to win the industry re-start, Coats Digital and PPJ have successfully navigated the challenges of Covid-19 to maintain the pace of a digitization journey which is critical for the recovery and sustainable growth. This has enabled the completion of a project to digitize best practice production planning and control processes, from master planning across multiple factories to detailed line and machine level planning of complex denim manufacturing processes.

The proof that training, enablement and support can be as effective online as onsite is vital for the industry as we emerge from Covid-19 and navigate towards the new normal. With reduced travel and more online interactions customers, partners and suppliers need to work across new digital channels to survive. The increased potential for shorter, sharper training and implementation methodologies is a shift for many software companies who have typically relied on heavy on-site engagements.

"At the beginning of the pandemic, we produced a resilience plan that highlighted the need for more agile project delivery. This included using new digital channels for more frequent engagement with our customers. The fact that we have successfully completed the implementation of a large FastReactPlan project using these new digital channels and an adapted approach to training is testimony to the investment we have made in this critical area to re-think software delivery. We are proud to have successfully delivered this project for a major customer like Phong Phu International and delighted to receive such positive feedback on the process and results", says Keith Fenner, Managing Director, Coats Digital.

And Simon Van Weeren, COO & Managing Director - Phong Phu International says about the collaboration: "COVID-19 stopped nearly all international travel. We don’t know when, perhaps if, it will fully return to normal which means businesses have to collaborate online to develop and update plans across multiple teams. The ability to have online training from any location with screen sharing makes it is as effective as being together onsite and with less distractions. I believe the results are actually more focused and effective! Coats Digital is leading the way by delivering excellent training material using online platforms that allow us to review, refresh and replay when we need it."

(c) 2020 Coats Digital
(c) 2020 Coats Digital

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