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Xetma Vollenweider Innovations at ITMA 2019

Under the banner of FEEL THE TOUCH, Xetma Vollenweider will be presenting their latest machine systems for the finishing of all types of textile surfaces at ITMA on the stand in Hall 2 – C306+C307.

X-TREME XEB – Versatility in brushing and emerizing

With the X-TREME XEB, Xetma Vollenweider is offering a Soft Touch finishing machine with unique versatility. Besides the classic brush-sueding and emerizing technologies, the X-TREME XEB also enables deployment for combined brushing and emerizing as well as combined raising and emerizing. Not only the rapid changeover between the individual tech- nologies but also the high production speeds make the X-TREME XEB the Soft Touch sys- tem with the highest level of efficiency.

X-CEPT XB – Sueding right to the point

The new X-CEPT XB, a new brush sueding machine of Xetma Vollenweider with alternatively three or four sueding brushes in vertical design, is also ranged in the field of Soft Touch fin- ishing. By minimum lengths of fabric runs and independent setting parameters of the individ- ual brush rollers regarding sense of rotation, speed and contact angle the X-CEPT XB can be optimum configured for each fabric to be processed.

X-CITE XF – New clipping system for lace and jacquards

The new warp thread cutting machine X-CITE XF by Xetma Vollenweider reliably cuts all types of floating warp threads on woven fabrics and warp knit articles. By means of the inno- vative cutting system, the versatile setting options and the perfected fabric tension control system, the X-CITE XF is capable of reliably clipping Jacquard woven fabrics and even warp floats on the utmost fine, bi-elastic Raschel lace. As opposed to conventional systems, the X-CITE XF can also open diagonally running clip threads without any problem.

Optima XS – Shearing even in large width

For decades, the shearing machines of the Optima model serieshave stood for the best precision and high productivity in the shearing of pile fabrics. In the light of current trends to produce both wo-

ven textiles and knitted and warp-knitted fabrics in ever greater widths, Xetma Vollenweider offers shearing machines for textile applications in working widths up to 5600 mm. Examples of this are shearing machines for finishing terry cloths and lace, including the associated pile preparation technologies.

X-PLORE XCS, X-TRACT XCP, X-CEED XG – Quality enhancement for carpets

Large fabric widths also play a decisive role with the machines from the Level Touch tech- nology series. For the finishing of carpets and textile floor coverings, Xetma Vollenweider have developed not only the new X-PLORE XCS carpet shearing system but also special machine systems for improving the quality of velour carpets.

The X-TRACT XCP carpet pile cleaning machine reliably removes dust and loose fibre mate- rial from the pile of woven acrylic, wool and viscose carpets during production. Thus carpet manufacturers are in a position to deliver clean carpets and avoid subsequent complaints from their customers later on.

Viscose, acrylic or polyester carpets have the appearance of higher quality when the pile is optimally aligned, soft to the touch and especially brilliant. With the new X-CEED XG, Xetma Vollenweider offers an autonomous machine for polishing carpet surfaces. By means of thermo-mechanical modification of the pile fibres, these receive a striking gloss as well as a special hand feel.

Optisystem XR and Twinsystem XR – Raising with tradition

Xetma Vollenweider is not only the world's oldest manufacturer of textile surface finishing machines but is also the raising machine manufacturer with the longest tradition. Since 1854, as Ernst Gessner invented the first drum type raising machine with the pile/counter-pile prin- ciple, raising machines from Aue (Germany) have been successful deployed worldwide.

The latest models from the Optisystem XR series (single drum raising machine) and Twin- system XR (double drum raising machine) are available in various executions for all textile applications. All machines are produced to customer specification at the traditional location in Aue/Germany. Customization refers not only to the number of raising rollers and the raising roller ratio, but also to the machine equipment with optional assemblies for every application.

Based on long-standing experience, Xetma Vollenweider has devel- oped a special drum system, which increases performance in com- parison to conventional machines by up to 20%.

Be inspired and convince yourself of the innovative Xetma Vollenweider product range. Visit us at the ITMA 2019 – Hall 2, Stand C306+C307.

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