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Discover the digital world of knitting: (c) 2019 Groz-beckert
It's time again in June: the textile world is meeting from June 20 to 26, 2019 at the ITMA Europe, the world's leading trade fair for textile machine manufacturing. This forward-looking technology platform for the textile and clothing industry, where the industry comes together every four years, invites visitors this time to Barcelona, Spain at the Fira de Barcelona, Gran Via.

Visitors can look forward to: research and development presenting their innovations. Interesting and new innovations also await guests at Groz-Beckert's exhibition booth in Hall 8.0, Booth C101. Thanks to augmented reality, you can experience our products virtually.

This news release offers you a first glimpse into the innovations at our exhibition booth – and of course, much more awaits live in person in Barcelona.

The Groz-Beckert Academy and the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) will be at the booth presenting their cross-departmental and cross-product service program. While we made it our duty with the TEZ to provide a platform for problem solutions, optimizations, and new developments, the various training offerings of the Academy serve to pass on knowledge and know-how. In the future, analog offerings will be supplemented with digital ones so that we can be free of event times and locations. At the ITMA, you have the chance to learn everything about digitization at the Groz-Beckert Academy and the opportunities this offers you.

At the ITMA, the Knitting area will present its broad range of knitting machine needles and system parts that meet all challenges. This includes a new product in the area of knitting machine needles that was specially designed for use in large diameter circular knitting machines that work with staple fiber yarns. The areas of flat knitting, legwear, and warp-knitted fabric also have various innovations in store, which we present to you in new and exciting ways.

Automated and digital processes in the sense of Industry 4.0 play an increasingly important role – also and especially in weaving preparation. Groz-Beckert's Weaving department is taking on these challenges and presenting live at the ITMA about how innovation and automation could look within weaving preparation. Visitors will learn everything there is to know about high-performance machines as well as the extensive accessories for weaving machines and the range of services.

Groz-Beckert Jacquard heald – ANTABRA version (c) 2019 Groz-Beckert
Groz-Beckert Jacquard heald – ANTABRA version (c) 2019 Groz-Beckert

The Felting product area will present its comprehensive contribution to the global nonwovens industry. Whether the new customer product improves our customers' know-how protection or simplifies needle logistics, the customer-specific label offers numerous advantages that you will learn about at the ITMA.

The new Groz-Beckert customer product label (c) 2019 Groz-Beckert
The new Groz-Beckert customer product label (c) 2019 Groz-Beckert

Increasing demands on the quality of final products are shaping the demands of end customers in the area of Tufting as well. The corresponding tools demand maximum performance. Groz-Beckert takes on these requirements with the unique quality promise of its gauge part system, which we use to meet the highest demands of our customers.

Around four years after integrating Groz-Beckert's newest product area, the Carding area will present numerous new developments at the ITMA. Visitors can look forward to the new InLine card clothing series for the nonwovens industry, further developed cylinder and doffer wires, and stationary and revolving flats for the spinning industry.

The innovative SiroLock® plus card clothing (c) 2019 Groz-Beckert
The innovative SiroLock® plus card clothing (c) 2019 Groz-Beckert

The Sewing product area is presenting various innovations that meet various requirements. Because the variety of materials is immense: From the finest knitted goods to the thickest leather. The process of sewing is faced with different challenges at every turn. To ensure that we have the right product for every situation, Groz-Beckert offers an extensive product range and provides support far beyond the actual sewing process with additional services

Groz-Beckert is already looking forward to your visit and many interesting discussions at the ITMA Europe 2019 – venga a Barcelona!

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