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Novibra introduces new spindles and clamping crowns at ITMA 2015

The new LENA high-speed spindle reduces the energy consumption in spinning machines. (c) Novibra
Novibra, located in Boskovice, Czech Republic, is the leading company in spindle technology and the biggest exporter of spindles worldwide. Novibra will introduce innovative solutions for spinning mills at the ITMA 2015 in Milan.
Improving performance in spinning mills

Spindles in modern ring spinning machines reach speeds of up to 25,000 rpm. In these high-speed applications energy consumption is an important issue. Novibra is now introducing the new LENA (Low Energy consumption and Noise Absorption) high-speed spindles. Well proven Noise Absorbing System Assembly (NASA) ensures minimum neck bearing load, vibration and noise level at high speed, and in combination with unique wharve diameter 17,5 mm and footstep bearing 3 mm diameter leads in lower energy consumption. LENA is designed for tube lengths of 200 mm to 210 mm.

Another new product presented at ITMA is the clamping and cutting crown CROCOdoff, which will also be available as the version CROCOdoff-Forte for coarse yarns. The crown is operated by the spindle speed and allows an automatic doffing. The improved design of the “teeth” guarantees a reliable clamping and cutting of the yarn. In addition the CROCOdoff reduces the risk of yarn breakage during start-up, increases energy consumption, minimises material loss and reduces maintenance. CROCOdoff is suitable for the use with new machines as well as an upgrade for some old machines.
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