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Savio @ITMA Milan 2015 - a new pulsing star in the savio winding family

PulsarS winding machine , (c) Savio
ITMA is a huge event of cutting-edge solutions for textile makers, being recognized as the largest international textile machinery showcase worldwide. This event is approaching and will be the stage where all international players of textile machinery will meet, share knowledge and show new products.

ITMA exhibition will be held in Italy after 20 years from its last edition; as an Italian company, Savio feels the importance of this event and looks forward to meet visitors in Milan to take a close look at its new products. Since 1911, Savio is specialized in the yarn-finishing segment, being the leading supplier of winding, twisting and rotor spinning machines, with manufacturing plants spanning over Italy, China, India and Czech Republic.
At Hall 4 Stand B101, Savio will highlight breakthrough innovations in the winding segment, which is today its core business. There are important novelties in the pipeline, all representing high-end and niche products with important technological content:

  • PulsarS, the new generation of automatic winders;
  • the drumless Multicone technology;
  • the Volufil Multicone automatic winder for continuous shrinkage, bulking and heat setting.

PulsarS is the big focus of ITMA show, representing the fifth generation of Savio winding machines after the iconic models Ras, Espero, Orion and Polar. This generation of winding machines is the new pulsing star in the Savio product range; it is a machine with a sustainable eco-green advantage, especially replying to market demands in terms of energy efficiency, productivity and air conditioning savings of winding room. Savio R&D department has been committed for over 30 years in sustainable development projects, such as energy saving and recovery, reductions of noise, pollution, water consumption and electro-magnetic emissions. Today the heritage continues: Savio R&D team has studied a revolutionary concept of the winding process to reply to the real needs of the market for new solutions and utmost flexibility, towards on-going demand of high quality yarn package and energy savings.

Multicone is a new technology in Savio product portfolio, recently presented at Shanghaitex exhibition in China. This new digital yarn layering technology (drumless) is now available for Polar winding machines, and is especially addressed to customers producing packages for dyeing and very fine counts. Savio can offer a very complete Polar family, in order to meet all customers’ requests in terms of flexibility and productivity. The Multicone system allows the tailoring of package for different end use (dyeing, weaving, knitting, etc) with simple settings on PC.

Volufil Multicone combines thermic treatment and winding process on a single machine. The consolidated success of the “Volufil” and the new demand of different yarns for diversified fabric applications, have requested several new developments on the machine technology. The new Volufil Multicone represents the proper reply to the markets requirements. Savio has extended the technological process on acrylic heat set yarns, on special yarns (chenille and polyester) and on traditional HB Acrylic fibers, also blended with wool and elastomeric filaments. The new winding system “Multicone” allows the best solution for any yarn type and package format with different traverse take-up.
Join Savio @Itma, Hall 4 booth B101, for discovering its innovative winding solutions.

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