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Santoni and Lonati Group textile companies at ITMA 2015

ITMA MILANO 2015, the world’s most important exhibition of textile machinery is taking place in Milan from 12 to 19 November 2015. There, participating in the same booth, Hall 7 – C 106, will be the Textile Group Companies SANTONI – LONATI – DINEMA – TECNOPEA and ITS MACHINA LONATI. All together under a group synergy aiming at offering a complete response to textile and knitting requests.
A total of 60 machines will be on show, displayed on a 1400 sq.m booth, representing the complete range of production of the SANTONI/LONATI GROUP Textile Companies that are: SANTONI SEAMLESS machines, circular large diameter machines, circular knitted garment length MECMOR machines, WARP KNITTING double needle bar Raschel knitting machines, SANTONI automatic sewing machines for the hosiery industry, TECNOPEA boarding and packaging machines for the textile industry, LONATI socks and pantyhose circular machines, SANGIACOMO and MATEC socks circular knitting machines and DINEMA software for machines.

In the 200 sq.m of the upper floor will be on show sample collections of items that can be knitted with these machines so representing the various technologies of the Group Companies developed in co-operation with leading Companies in the textile field, to give a direct and immediate evaluation. Also in this area the students of the “ITS MACHINA LONATI “ will present their capsule seamless collections developed in co-operation with Santoni’s R&D Department.

SANTONI SEAMLESS MACHINES AREA In the seamless area, the following machines are visible:

  • Circular knitting machines for the production of underwear, outerwear, sportswear and footwear
  • WARP KNITTING double needle bar RASCHEL knitting for pantyhose, underwear, outerwear and footwear.
Here is the SM8/TOP2V machine that has recently been completely reviewed and has to be inspected. In fact it is a conceptually new machine, incorporating numerous exclusive patents. It offers exceptional productivity, on average 30% higher than the current model and is incredibly energy efficient.

It is due to technological innovation that allows our machines to have a lower environmental footprint. This combined with improved ergonomic design for ease of servicing offers a potential 30% extra production for the same overhead space. Combine this with a 15% reduction in energy consumption and you have a machine offering improved environmental sustainability. It is also a very user-friendly model and comes equipped with completely new developed knitting parts; i.e. the yarn-finger group, a new sinker cap for high quality wool yarns and other natural yarns as well as improving plating possibilities, all of which contribute to an improved final product quality.

Our aim at combining innovation and leadership is to constantly create machinery solutions for customers to allow them to meet the continually challenging demands of the textile fashion world.

This is realized with the double jersey circular MEC-MOR CMP machine with open variable panel. This machine offers high quality finished items and high productivity with its large number of feeds. One single machine for the production of all sizes, without wastages, thanks to the variable width of the fabric panels, where the number of working needles can be specifically set for the required product. It looks circular but performs as a V-BED. Being a versatile technology permits various and very different items to be knitted i.e. from footwear, to reversible sport-jackets, fabrics for automotive seats, multi-purpose printed effect fabrics and many others.. even a tapestry for home decoration….

This area is dedicated to the comprehensive range of large diameter circular knitting machines which offers the Single and Double jersey machines. It includes also the well-known ATLAS sinkerless machine, available in conventional as well as in ultrafine gauges (up to 80gg). In this way we have set a profitable co-operation with Company Jersey-Lomellina for its prestigious fine gauge knitwear.


  • LONATI GOAL circular knitting machines for socks and pantyhose.
  • SANGIACOMO and MATEC circular knitting machines for sport socks and medical hosiery
  • Automatic sewing machines for the hosiery industry. Robotics for hosiery, sewing and finishing. Here will be shown the most advanced automatic sewing systems for pantyhose and medical stockings. Following the latest market trend and development for "One Piece" pantyhose a new automatic sewing system will be introduced.


  • Design and production of Boarding and Packaging machines for the Textile Industry. Here Tecnopea will demonstrate the latest developments in steam boarding and packaging for the pantyhose and socks industry.


  • Hardware and software for the Group Companies and for the Industry in General.


The 200 sq.m of the upper floor is hosting some samples of fashion and sport apparel, tubular fabrics, knitted panels, socks, pantyhose, training shoes, all of them examples of colourful and fresh-looking collections that can be obtained with the technology of the Group. It is an area rich in novelties, of trendy new proposals, that have been set up with the involvement of several comarketing Companies and also the enthusiastic students of the “ITS MACHINA-LONATI”. This is a school of professional formation that offers a 2-year course of “Fashion Technologist Designer” during which the students can develop, design, cultivate and express themselves, creating patterns and learning the textile know-how.

For this event a group of students have designed some one-piece concept gadgets that have been completely developed and knitted on our circular socks and seamless knitting machines. These will be offered as a free gadget to the visitors to our booth. An “APP” containing the information of what is new at this exhibition has been made ready as well and can be downloaded from our web-site two weeks before the exhibition opens. In this area there are also dedicated displays of new fashion collections developed by co-marketing with different Companies acting in the textile sector among which is Jersey-Lomellina for “ultrafine gauge “ garments.

Visitors will be welcomed by the students who will be wearing seamless garments designed by themselves and knitted with innovative eco-friendly yarns. The designers’ vivacity and creativity is playing with the latest technological innovations.

Yarns that are ecological, being completely re-cycled, are used on textile machines that are environmentally respectful as well. An excellent combination.

In fact SANTONI and LONATI, as machine manufacturers, have adhered to the project of “Sustainable Technology” promoted by ACIMIT. The ACIMIT Green Label is a document that aims to identify the energy and environmental performances of textile machinery and makes them easily recognizable and comprehensible using a process designated by the manufacturer as an evaluation parameter.

Italian textile machinery manufacturers who wish to use the ACIMIT Green Label must comply with the sustainable technologies project and related rigorous compliance standards defined by ACIMIT, validated and certified by RINA, an international certification body, only then making it possible to be awarded the Green Label.

SANTONI and LONATI have obtained the ACIMIT Green Label as confirmation of their commitment towards the environment as can be seen from the labeled machines, showing in this way to be perfectly in tune with this exhibition’s main topic - “ The Sustainable Technology “.

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