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Savio at ITMA ASIA+CITME 2016 Exhibition with breakthrough innovations in winding

The fifth edition of the combined show ITMA ASIA+CITME 2016 exhibition will bring together the world’s leading textile technology manufacturers from 21st to 25th October 2016 at the new National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) in Shanghai. At Hall 1 booth B28, Savio will exhibit breakthrough innovations in the winding segment: the new Eco PulsarS automatic winder, the drumless Multicone technology and well-proven Polar winding machine.
All machines represent high-end and niche products with important technological content.
  • Eco PulsarS, a quantum leap forward in automatic winding;
  • the drumless thread guide Multicone technology;
  • the Polar winder, well-proven and best-selling in traditional standard winding platform.

Eco PulsarS

After the world premiere at ITMA Milan 2015, attracting a lot of attention from customers, Eco PulsarS will be showcased in China for the first time. EcoPulsarS, with its innovative platform can save up to 30% power bill, reduce yarn waste, air conditioning costs & noise inside the spinning room. Energy is a major cost component in the textile industry. The rising energy prices, affecting fuel and electricity, have caused soaring costs in the process, thus reduced the competiveness of textile products in some domestic markets, where imported products may be cheaper. Suction represents 75% of the total energy of a winding machine.

EcoPulsarS’s solution of the “individual and independent suction unit per spindle” represents a real break-through versus the conventional system. Each unit operates at optimum suction values without influencing the rest of the spindles. In addition, independent suction systems are provided to the auxiliary devices for fully automatic machines. This means no more compromises in balancing the suction as in conventional centralized systems, in which the fan is permanently in operation. Since suction is generated only when needed, customer can save up to 30% power bill costs, while a better efficiency, a smoother winding process and overall superior package and yarn quality are achieved too.

EcoPulsarS combining all new features and design has created an environment in which each part of the machine can operate at its optimum level. Spindles and bobbins feeding systems set independently the level of suction required. Suction is generated as needed and used without losses. The new Controlled Cut System, Yarn Tension Control System, Waste Collection&Separation System and Upgraded Splicing Solutions, each contributing to the overall reduction of process downtimes.

Eco PulsarS, with its sustainable eco-green advantage, replies to the market demand of energy saving, together with improved production performances, high quality packages and utmost flexibility.

Pic: Savio EcoPulsarS

Pic: Savio Multicone

Multicone technology

Savio’s thread-guide technology, Multicone (drumless), represents the proper solution to achieve flexibility in package formation, for an easy and fast change in the winding process to prepare all formats. The different downstream processes require a wide flexibility in the wound package building, in order to optimize the specific efficiency. Packages for dyeing, warping, weft, knitting, double twisting, require a different and flexible package formation in terms of geometry, edges shape and density. “Multicone” system represents today the proper solution to achieve this kind of flexibility in the package formation.

Savio’s thread guide electronic control allows to set winding angle, traverse stroke, position on the package tube and the yarn distribution over the package. All above improves design and formation of the package, optimizing all the downstream processes, thus allowing customers to obtain the best results. The user can interact with a visual interface on the PC screen for drawing the final package, by setting the stroke mode variations along the package diameters. The user is able to customize and tailor the package design, according to his requirements for the downstream process.

Polar winding machine

The Polar winder is absolutely the Savio bestseller in the traditional standard winding platform. It is Savio's well proven and the bestselling automatic winder, still the #1 winder in many world markets. All Polar models (manual feeding, stand-alone autofeeding, automatic link feeding) represent the utmost technology available. The model pioneered the use of efficient and reliable electronic servo controls to boost performance.

This state- of-the-art machine has been designed keeping in mind the demands of our customers in terms of increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, reduced waste and production of yarn package of top high quality. Further emphasis has been given to realize machines friendly use and almost maintenance free for any type of working environments.All POLAR models (manual feeding, automatic feeding free standing, and automatic link) represent the utmost technology available: the previous success of the mechanical models has been followed by the last generation of the fully controlled electronic one.

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