ITM 2018


Bräcker at ITM 2018 in Istanbul

Bräcker (booth 313A in hall 3) will exhibit the high quality products and present the latest innovations at the ITM 2018 Exhibition. Bräcker’s products enable spinning mills to increase the production output at an efficient price-performance ratio.

With this ambitious goal, new traveller treatment and ring/travellers systems are launched:

  • The surface treatment of the ONYX travellers facilitates a higher efficiency. The improved gliding characteristic allows for an increase of the spindle speed by up to +1000 rpm and prolongs the life of the traveller by up to +50%. On top of that the running-in period is considerably reduced.
  • The large contact surface between SFB traveller and ORBIT ring enables mhigher spindle speeds even with fibers like viscose or with fibers, tending to thermal damage, e.g. polyester. Higher traveller speeds of 10 to 20% are achieved compared to the T-flange ring/C-shaped traveller system. To cover the new demands, the SFB traveller portfolio was substantially expanded in regardsof traveller profiles and weights.
ONYX (c) 2018 Bräcker
ONYX (c) 2018 Bräcker

ORBIT System (c) 2018 Bräcker
ORBIT System (c) 2018 Bräcker

In addition, Bräcker introduces the new BERKOL® multigrinder to the market. The entire range of top rollers and long cots used in a spinning mill can be processed on only one single machine.

A detailed overview about the full product range of Bräcker can be found under

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