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Setex will demonstrate the adavantages of OrgaTEX X1 software at ITM

Setex OrgaTEX landscape (c) 2016 Setex
One of the greatest challenges of our time is the growing contrariness between the economic and quality requirements in the textile industry, and taking advantage of all existing technological opportunities. Setex, a global leader in designing, manufacturing and implementation of automation solutions for textile dyeing and finishing machines, will demonstrate the new OrgaTEX X1, which offers an efficient use of latest technologies.
The OrgaTEX X1 production management software guides the intelligent communication to the machines for an efficient production and energy management.

The process and recipe handling - constantly used parts of the software - is new designed. The modules provide impressive new features to simplify complex production steps, to save expert know-how systematically and to optimize resource efficiency.

OrgaTEX X1 is also highly customizable. Although dyeing machines significantly  lowering liquor ratio and requiring less chemical quantities, this software suite still can reduce dyeing time and production cost, optimize the throughput and expose weak  spots and bottlenecks.
OrgaTEX X1 has enhanced adapters to communicate with dyeing, continue and finishing machines for ecological and cost improvement:
Each machine can be considered within the overall energy management concept.

Intelligent integration of dosing systems saves chemicals and water.
The operation is independent of operator skill.

The philosophy of the new software is to bring the best-in-class recipe tools but still providing the flexibility of using simple flat recipe methods. As such, converted information and experience is usable as formulas, wizards assist the creation of formulas and there are predefined formulas shipped with the system.

This is essential for a fast and smooth implementation in a production running at full capacity. Existing machines can easily be refitted to benefit from SETEX´s knowledge of specific solutions.
To learn more ask for demonstrations at ITM 2016 in Hall 12, Booth Number 1209B.

Pic: OrgaTEX X1 recipe tool

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