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Esquel Group's Waterless Dyeing Technology is recognized by Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC

Esquel’s sustainability journey hits a huge milestone on December 15, 2021 with its recognition by the National Key R&D program from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC and potencies proven by 12 patents.

Achieved after investing over RMB 10 million over eight years, the waterless dyeing technology effectively solves the textiles industry’s infamous problem of excessive water usage in the dyeing process, by providing a sustainable alternative to water. Massively improved in effectiveness over the years since its first iteration in 2014, this substitute with a research-proven dyestuff solubility property saves 95% of water conventionally used in the dyeing process and consumes over 60% less water across all our production processes.

© 2022 Esquel
© 2022 Esquel

As Esquel minimize its environmental footprint, they are changing the typically negative perception of the manufacturing sector and working towards a cost-efficient solution that can work commercially for the industry: a significant step forward in their aim to tackle climate change as a part of their commitment to Making a Difference.

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