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SETEX makes Industrie 4.0 accessible in textile production at DTG 2017

SETEX will demonstrate the new OrgaTEX X1 software with examples of an efficient digital workflow at the DTG 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The data management deals with all kind of information types including maintenance, energy or efficiency information. The process and recipe module memorizes expert´s knowledge converted in self-adapting standard processes.

Built for intuitive use and to simplify complex production steps, the new SETEX MES system OrgaTEX X1 is helping from day one to reveal potential. Key words are Processes Traceability, Made-to-Measure Energy Flexible Production amongst resource efficient Costs & Quality.

SETEX will definitely show Dyeing and Finishing Controller, configured to machines and programmed for specific process.

Machine manufacturer’s worldwide use SETEX´s flagship SECOM 777CE. Available machines can easily be refitted with SETEX controls to benefit from state-of-the-art technique the ease-of-use user interface.

Get your personal demonstration at Booth No. 812

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