Can we undo the past? Denim circularity is revolutionized with Ctrl+Z, ISKO’s star development

© 2022 ISKO
Being an industry leader means always pushing forward in driving change and serving as a promoter of innovation: ISKO continues to make this its mission to achieve the best solutions – and as scalable as possible.

Introducing Ctrl+Z, a new approach in materials science. Known to most computer users, Ctrl+Z is about “going back”, to re-start. Ctrl+Z fabrics are made entirely from recycled and regenerated fibers: GRS certified recycled fibers (a mix of recycled cotton and recycled polyester) and regenerated cellulose fibers. The recycled cotton comes from post-industrial waste: textiles that are discarded in the yarn, fabric, and apparel production process. No virgin, conventional first-generation materials are used – and the fabric constructions look and feel identical to traditional denim.

© 2022 ISKO
© 2022 ISKO

Ctrl+Z fabrics are in fact not just better for the environment, they are also fashionable, stronger, and more durable than conventional fabrics, giving the products a longer lifespan. Ctrl+Z fabrics outperform the market’s traditional and recycled denim products in combined abrasion, tear and tensile strength meaning consumers can love their favorite denim longer while supporting a low- impact lifestyle.

PV Denim Milan marks the debut of Ctrl+Z into ISKO’s latest fully sustainable collection, the 2024 Vol.1 Collection, one which keeps up the commitment to the core value of reducing first generation conventional materials now and for the future. Recycled materials, mineral colors, comfort fits, rigid structures and stretch are all important components of this new collection that follows the demand for second-hand looks, voluminous 3D designs and textured fabrics. ISKO’s heritage and technologies have made it possible to update fabrics to match fashion denim trends and provide strong sustainability credentials in terms of colors and materials. Each of the new trends embodies ISKO’s “Iconic by Nature” approach. Discover all the trends here!

© 2022 ISKO
© 2022 ISKO

Sharing the spotlight in Milan is also the ISKOTM Luxury by PG Collection, with its ”Born to Amaze” inspirations: ISKO's innovations in the hands of Paolo Gnutti become perfect tools to give shape to the demands of the luxury market. This gives rise to a collection presenting ISKO’s denim technologies through the lens of high-end luxury to create a new premium aesthetic, now at PV Denim with new fresh experimentations on effects and finishings.

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