Denim Première Vision meets the Trustainable™ collection FW 23 and the latest projects developed by Officina39.

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In a textile industry increasingly faced with the need to reduce consumption and the use of resources, Officina39 is always at the forefront in converting minuses into pluses thanks to its expertise in the chemical sector. The Biella-based company is therefore in Berlin to showcase its innovative technologies and their applications for ecologically reshaping the denim world through “Chemistry plus creativity”, the company’s new tagline speaking to its deep understanding of sustainability.

The Italian company presents its newest innovations and synergies, among which stand out the introduction of SMART O3, a new Ozone Booster improving the bleaching on indigo, and the educational experience Circular Explorations: Recipe for Change, in collaboration with Adriana Galijasevic’s Cocircular Lab.

The TrustainableTM collection FW 23 presents the SMART 03?For Officina39, “Trustainable” is a term that expresses the company’s approach based on honesty, transparency and social responsibility: this attitude once again characterizes the technologies that have given shape to the TrustainableTM collection FW 23. 

© 2022 Officina39
© 2022 Officina39

“This collection explores this concept of creativity to offer a new approach to denim and colored surfaces” explains Juan Manuel Gomez, Officina39 Creative Leader. “It is made possible by rethinking the conventional path for washing and dyeing using low-impact techniques and alternative looks with Aqualess Mission and RecycromTM – the one-of-a-kind dyestuffs range patented by Officina39 which employs recycled used clothing, fibrous material and textile scraps – and more.”

The latest technological addition to the line is represented by the new Ozone Booster SMART 03, which assures more final bluish indigo shades than the other boosters on the market, activating the reaction of Ozone on indigo without any strong oxidizing agent. Better results, less aggressive bleaching.

“In our field, the word “less” is to be found pretty much everywhere you look: less water, less energy, less impact and the list goes on. So I asked myself if we could work on implementing the word “plus” in this collection.” Stated Stefano Parrotta, Officina39 Technical Manager. “And the answer, of course, was yes: we thought of all the ways in which the idea of more (plus) best represents what we do – more passion, more creativity, more collaboration, more inspiration, more Officina39. I think it is important to look for what the industry needs more of and the word “plus” perfectly embodies that!” Added Luca Di Guida, Officina39 R&D Manager.

Less water, plus sustainability, empowered results.?The new collection also marks the debut of Aqualess Fade, a technology that recreates the bleaching effect of chlorine on fabrics, a waterless special compound for the discoloration of denim on indigo/black garments which reduces resource consumption and environmental impact.?This newest innovation completes and integrates Aqualess Mission, a combination of technologies that allows garment laundry processes to reduce 75% of the water use. Until now, the process included three eco-friendly technologies: Novascraper Indigo, a laser finishing technique that adds a natural, vintage look to denim garments; OZ-ONE Powder, an advanced product to give garments a bleached yet eco-friendly treatment, for a worn and distressed look; and Aqualess Aged, a waterless compound to give denim abrasion effects. Specifically, this last revolutionizing product has recently marked an important achievement which adds to the company’s sustainable credentials: Officina39 in fact stands out as the first and only player to receive, for its Aqualess Aged, the DeniSafe® certification of enzyme product(s) by Novozymes for safe production and safe use through dry application.

Officina39 and Adriana Galijasevic join forces to inspire and change the game.?Circular Explorations: Recipe for Change is the collaborative and educational project – recently unveiled at Denim Days in Amsterdam – developed by Officina39 and Adriana Galijasevic’s Cocircular Lab, showcasing the use of waste as a resource and prolonging the life of the garment through color. Several key brands (C.P. Company, Tommy for Life/PVH Corp., Organic Basics, Asics, Lenzing and Camo) donated overstock garments as well as second-grade production or damaged, unsold pieces to be updated with newly developed applications made with Officina39’s RecycromTM, the one-of-a-kind, patented dyestuffs range made from textile waste. From the Circular Explorations booth and experience emerges the Recipe for Change, based on Consciousness, Courage, Creativity, Connection and Collaboration.

“It’s a great joy to partner up on this collaborative project”, states Adriana Galijasevic, Founder & CEO Cocircular Lab, “using creative expression as a medium in order to raise the awareness regarding circular solutions while emphasizing the inherent need for transparency and evolution of infrastructure in order to propel the future of material reuse.”

This collaborative and innovative project that addresses circularity is also in direct support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular number 12-Responsible Consumption and Production, number 9-Industry innovation & Infrastructure and number 17-Partnership for the Goals. 

© 2022 Officina39
© 2022 Officina39

Blue of a Kind explores indigo through Officina39’s technologies

To discover the possibility of responsible dyeing, another must-see at Denim Première Vision is the Blue of a Kind booth: two out of the three outfits presented by the Italian fashion studio focused on upcycling make use of Officina39 technologies to give waste fabrics a new life.?An Aqualess gel based on RecycromTM's powder gives an indigo color to fabric leftovers: a tribute to the dominant color of the fair, an outfit specially designed to celebrate Denim Première Vision. The new Ozone Booster SMART03, in combination with the laser finishing Novascraper Indigo, permits to obtain localized discharging used effects on denim garments to create a unique outfit that communicates all the creative potential of chemistry applied to textiles.

“It’s always a pleasure”, comments Andrea Venier, Managing Director Officina39, “to work with Blue of a Kind: we share the same goals, as both companies firmly believe that the present and future of the fashion industry lies in circularity and upcycling without compromise. We love to explore the possibilities of our technologies, creativity and expertise to create garments (re)made in Italy”

Emina Batik and Tintes Egara show the colorful power of waste

The visitors at the show have also the opportunity to get espadrilles personalized by discharging effect using innovative potassium permanganate (PP) replacement REMOVER IND/J-N by the Spanish garment dye house Tintes Egara and textile designer Emina Batik, alias Giulia Perin. They host in their spaces an exclusive workshop to experience the traditional dyeing process using the old batik technique and the innovative discharging effect created from low-impact PP replacement technology by Officina 39.

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