ISKO I-SKOOL™ presented the 7th edition’s finalists and its exclusive partners line-up

Students, Young Professionals and tutors – all connected by a digital platform: the traditional two-day event, usually held at Creative Room™ (TV –Italy), turned into a webinar for the occasionto provide knowledge and insights.

Created to nurture young talents all over the world and challenge them to push the endless possibilities of denim, ISKO I-SKOOL™has proven over the yearsto be more than just afashionaward. Officially launched at Neonyt Berlin, where this year’s Creative Theme “North,  East,  South,  West –connected  by  one  planet”was  announced, the seventh editionof thisindustry’smust-have programhas now entered one of its most crucial phases –the Educational one.

Throughout the editions,this momentismeant to involve the shortlisted finalists in a special ISKO  I-SKOOL™  two-day  learning  event.With  the  aim toprovide hand-on  experiencesby focusing on technical and soft skills development, the Denim Seminarwastraditionally held at Creative Room™, ISKO’s style and design research hub in Castelfranco Veneto (TV–Italy).

This  year’s twenty  shortlisted  finalists,  selected  out  of more  than  150  applications submitted, took part in a very special version of this educational event. Including students from some  of  the  most  renowned  schools  in  the  world  as  well  as  Young  Professionals,  the  group experienced a new format of the fully-immersive experience which was reinvented on purpose to overcome the difficulties resulting from the delicate international circumstances. Relying on Talentlmsdigital  platform,  the Denim  Seminarturned  into  a  Denim  Webinar,  allowing students and Young Professionalsto learn from ISKO I-SKOOL™ tutors with the long-standing support of both ISKO and Creative Room™ teams. 

(c) 2020 ISKO
(c) 2020 ISKO

Approaching denim from all angles, the presentations provide in-depth knowledge on the entire supply chain. Here is the list:

  • “Welcome  to  the  Denim  Webinar”  by  Irem  Orhun, Senior  Executive  ISKO  I-SKOOL™ Project;
  • “Field  to  fabric:  from  cotton  to  denim  fabric”  by  Baris  Ozden,  Product  Development Manager at ISKO’s R&D Center;-“Responsible design” by Miles Johnson, Denim Designer;
  • “A good design is a sustainable design –How to create a responsible 5-pocket jeans?” byCreative Room:Massimo Munari - Art Director & Manager, Wendy Pasinato -Designer, Anita Santi – Designer;
  • “The out-of-standard 5-pocket jeans” by Alessio Berto, The Tailor Pattern Support;-“Presentation skills” by Marina Tonella, Mestieri-LAB®;
  • “Cadica & ISKO I-SKOOL™” byCADICA Group: Carlo Parisatto -CMO Marketing & Sales Director, Alessandro  Marchesini - Head  of  Sales  &  Global  Business,  Mirco  Reffo - Art Director;
  • “Eco-design & sustainable jeans production" by Carme Santacruz Zaragozá, Creative-Brain box at Jeanologia;
  • “Intellectual property” by Alessandra Vitagliano, Legal Consultant;
  • “Welcome to Linkedin!” by Sila ?ener, Relationship Manager at LinkedIn®;
  • “Denim trendsA W 21/22” by Kelly Harrington, Denimhead, archivist and Japanophile.

Furthermore, an exclusive partnersline-up was presented as well, highlighting the network of excellence that the program has developed with key players of the industry:Itema(Platinum partner),Jeanologia(Gold partner), Cadica(Silver partner), Cotton Inc.(Bronze partner), Replay(Copper Partner) and The Tailor Pattern Support(Supporting partner). “This is a very important moment, within the whole ISKO I-SKOOL™ program,” claimed Irem Orhun,ISKO  Senior  Executive  ISKO  I-SKOOL™  Project.  “The  Denim  Seminaris  when participants have a concrete chance to gain both knowledge and competences to turn their vision into real garments. We wantedto grant them the possibility to fully experience this moment, even in the difficult international situation we are living, finding a new way to reach themall around the world. We are glad we did it and now we are eager to see what this year’s finalists will present at the end of this journey.”

ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7 shortlisted finalists


Kotryna Adomaityte – NTU Nottingham Trent University (UK);

Bianca Betdashtoo – FIDM Los Angeles (USA);Jung Yeon Choi –ESMOD Seoul (South Korea);

Lee Da Young – ESMOD Seoul (South Korea);

Venla Elonsalo – AALTO Helsinki (Finland);

Isabel Hambly – NTU Nottingham Trent University (UK);

Natasha Law – Istituto Marangoni Milan (Italy);

Nargiza Makim –POLIMODA Florence (Italy);

Domenico Orefice – POLIMODA Florence (Italy);

Twinkle Patel – SCAD Savannah (USA);

Lorenzo Seghezzi – NABA Nuova Accademia Belle Arti –Milan (Italy);

Seohee Ruby Shin – FIT Fashion Institute of Technology –New York (USA);

Carolina Viviana Wolf – AMD Akademie Mode & Design –Munich (Germany);

Sung Woo Yang –ESMOD Seoul (South Korea);

Ziyu Yao – BIFT Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (China);

Morita Yurika – BUNKA Japan (Japan);

Ziyang Zhang – TSINGUA University (China).

Young Professionals

Lina Mayorga – Young Professional (USA);

Ourania Salacha – Young Professional (Greece);

Shalyn Webber – Young Professional (USA).

(c) 2020 ISKO
(c) 2020 ISKO

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