The "Denim Window Spritz"

As we all sadly know, all the denim events on April have been cancelled due to Covid 19 worldwide pandemia, and The Denim Window, due to the Ministerial Decreed, had to close its doors too.

Anyhow TWD think there would be a way to keep all from the Denim Community connected and gather together and decided to launch the “THE DENIM WINDOW SPRITZ”, a special online aperitif because communicate and been together is part of DNA in denim business.

Staring from March 31st at 6 pm (CET time) twice a week – Tuesday & Thursday -live on Instagram, Silvia Rancani, founder of The Denim Window in Amsterdam, a showcase of denim innovation, a showroom that allowed connection between companies to brand, will meet and talk live with one of the bigger player of denim industries at a time.

“The idea was born to allowed all our denim friends of our community to stay in touch “ says Silvia Rancani “ to get informations and updated condition from all over the world and even to knowing each other better from a personal point of view ” .

Each guest will have the chance to talk about its business, company, collection and products innovation but also about personal life.

The audience will be able to interact with the guests and ask questions; Silvia will be the moderator of the chat.

TDW wants to stay close to the denim family and keep them together as they usually do during its events even in this difficult time.

“On top” concluded Silvia Rancani, “we are working in upgrading and implementing our website. Soon the new collection concepts of TDW companies will be available on a new section of TDW website and from there you will be guided to get an appointment for online presentation live directly with the company you are interested” .

THE DENIM WINDOW on Instagram @thedenimwindow 

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