Reloved, the latest result of ISKO’s partnership with haikure, hits Milan Fashion Week with its responsible story.

(c) 2020 ISKO
Featuring the innovative ISKO’s R-TWOTM program, the collection has a new take on sustainability: it relies on fabrics made of reused and recycled materials as well as an advanced design research for the development of a new, conscious style.

Sustainability through the use of highly responsible materials and the experimentation of fits: this is Reloved, the new collection developed by haikure in partnership with leading denim ingredient brand ISKO. Presented with an exclusive preview during Milan Fashion Week, it is an act of love for the planet, the environment and the people. 

The project perfectly embodies all the values that made the longstanding partnership between the two brands possible – a responsible approach to innovation and the development of cutting-edge concepts.

Taking into account both materials and design, Reloved features the pioneering ISKO’s R-TWOTM program, which relies on a blend of reused cotton and recycled polyester.

During the processing of raw cotton into yarn, for every 100 kilos of cotton approximately 10% is lost. ISKO collects it and prevents it from becoming waste, adding it back into the spinning process obtaining cotton that is fully traced, documented and audited. This verification process has been invented by ISKO in partnership with its yarn supplier Sanko, offering full clarity into the traceability of reused cotton from field to fabric. It is also certified with the Content Claim Standard – or CCS – of the Textile Exchange.

Recycled polyester comes from clear plastic bottles or, alternatively, it can come from other certified waste: in either case the source material is collected, sorted, stripped of labels and caps, and cleaned to be ground into plastic pellets. These can then be re-spun into new fiber filaments.

Depending on the content percentages, for the recycled polyester ISKO can provide either the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) or Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certifications, both of which track the recycled raw material through the supply chain from input to final product to verify its integrity.

(c) 2020 ISKO
(c) 2020 ISKO

Designed to tackle over-sourcing, the platform improves the environmental performance impact of yarn-to-fabric production. As ISKO’s latest responsible evolution, ISKO’s latest responsible evolution has resulted also in the perfect solution to enhance the responsible character of the Reloved collection. 

The collection’s fresh and innovative take on style combines unisex concepts and oversized fits, is available in one shade of color featuring a variety of prints and is crafted with the planet and its inhabitants in mind. To provide full clarity and traceability from field to shelf, materials and processes are kept under the control of Made By, an independent agency that controls the social and environmental conditions of all elements of the production process.

“haikure and ISKO have always shared the same values and approach to innovation,” explained Elena Faleschini, ISKO Global Field Marketing Manager. “When we have the opportunity to work together, we know that the result is going to be astounding. Reloved is a testament to how fashion can be both innovative and responsible, without compromising on style.” 

A preview of Reloved was presented on Febuary 22nd, during a special happening that took place at Clan Upstairs (Vicolo Fiori 2, Milan), gathering friends, partners and denim lovers. 

(c) 2020 ISKO
(c) 2020 ISKO

A collection to take care of denim, people and the environment: amae, the new haikure x ISKO responsible project 

Clean, minimal and responsible, the collection perfectly embodies the combination of high-end looks with a sustainable vision, delivering effortless and stylish garments available in store from January 2020.

It claims to be love at first touch, and rightly so, as it celebrates women’s natural shape enhancing it with haikure’s delicate designs and ISKOTM premium denim. amae – the Italian brand’s latest collection and the latest chapter in the longstanding partnership between haikure and ISKO – is inspired by the idea of “taking care”. 

(c) 2020 ISKO
(c) 2020 ISKO

Aiming at promoting the value of Responsible InnovationTM, the collection delivers high-end contemporary looks resulting from the shared commitment to provide remarkable innovation while fostering a mindful approach in the fashion and denim industries. 

ISKO, pioneer of responsibility and the first denim mill in the world awarded both the prestigious EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel, supported the project providing amae with responsible ingredients to shape its neat looks. Clean and minimal, the garments feature ISKO Pj SoftTM which, like a gentle embrace, grants the skin a silky touch and a soft feel. Responsibly produced according to ISKO’s holistic vision based on creativity, competence and citizenship, this light and soft fabric molds and moves with the wearer, providing an all-round flattering silhouette and comfortable fit that never feel restrictive. 

As part of ISKO’s 25,000+ products, this textile concept also has a certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®s) for its Life Cycle Assessment (LCAs), ensuring a full transparency about its environmental impact by providing the water usage and carbon footprint of 1 square meter of fabric. As signatory member of ZDHC Foundation, ISKO also avoids harmful substances and hazardous chemicals in its entire production chain, resulting in safer denim that are good for both people and the planet. 

Presenting three different washes – regular and stone wash, as well as dyed –, this fashionable and responsible collection will be available in Italy, Spain and Germany starting from January 2020.

(c) 2020 ISKO
(c) 2020 ISKO
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