Discover the JEC Composites Startup Booster 2024 winners

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In a few years, JEC Composites Startup Booster has become a reference for entrepreneurship in the composites industry worldwide. Each year after an application process, 20 startups, with groundbreaking projects using composite materials, are selected to join JEC World stage and pitch before a panel of expert judges.

This contest gives a unique opportunity to the participating startups as well as the international audience of JEC World to get some inspiration, network and foster business collaboration. Two exciting pitches sessions took place on March 5th and, after deliberation of the jury, 3 winners have been announced:

Category “Products & Materials”

ZILA BioWorks (USA)

Category “Process, Manufacturing & Equipment

TechnoCarbon (France)

Sustainability Prize

BioHalo (Danemark)

ZILA BioWorks (USA)

Industrial Bioplastics for a Circular Carbon Economy

ZILA has developed a patented bio-epoxy resin for use in industrial composites, coatings, and adhesives. We have identified clear steps to a 60% reduction in carbon footprint compared to petroleum-based epoxies. And our vitrimer technology can help manufacturers deal with the end of life of their products. ZILA formulates our bio-resin systems so manufacturers can adopt without any retooling.

TechnoCarbon Technologies (France)

Building the future of sustainable high performance composites materials with its patended innovation: CarbonFibreStone

TechnoCarbon designs, develops, manufactures and sells components and systems made of the first sustainable, ultra-low-carbon composite material to outperform steel and reinforced concrete. Our patented technologies enable deep decarbonization, lifetime extension, weight and environmental footprint reduction.

BioHalo (Denmark)

The Biohalogenation Company

Our mission is to introduce bio-based materials that serve as safe, eco-friendly and high-performance replacements for harmful PFAS.

The jury who deliberated on March 6th included representatives from major manufacturers and investors:

  • Jelle BLOEMHOF, Head of Composites Manufacturing Technologies, AIRBUS
  • Karl-Heinz FUELLER, Manager Future Exterior & Materials, MERCEDES-BENZ
  • Rebecca RAVENNI, Program Manager and Investment Analyst, TECHSTARS SUSTAINBAILITY PARIS
  • Florent ILLAT, Head of Safran Corporate Ventures, SAFRAN
  • Chris SKINNER, Vice-President of Strategic Marketing and R&D, OWENS CORNING

On the day of the selection of the 20 finalists, Jelle Bloemhof, Head of Composites Manufacturing Technologies at Airbus, states: “Supporting this competition gives us the ability to identify innovations early in the key area of composites that we would not otherwise discover. JEC Startup Booster is just the first step toward broader collaboration opportunities. It facilitates an introduction between participants and industry end-users, providing the opportunity to engage directly and discuss. The diversity of ideas is inspiring, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”

“Once again this year, the list is exciting and covers a wide range of technologies. Observing the constant improvement and innovation in both technologies and applications is fascinating. They not only reflect industry trends but also play a major role in shaping them. This is significant for us as partners and for JEC World, as it is a rich source of inspiration and opportunities,” says Chris Skinner, Vice-President of Strategic Marketing and R&D at OWENS CORNING.

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