Kordsa gives hints for a seamless digital transformation with practical examples from Kordsa Brazil

Kordsa digitalization (c) 2020 Kordsa
Companies today know, in order to be relevant, they must embrace digitalization, reshaping their business to be more sustainable and efficient, all while enhancing the customer experience. Kordsa, as a pioneer and driver of digitalization in tire, construction reinforcement and composites technologies market, gives hints for a seamless transformation focusing on Kordsa Brazil’s experience, which -as a pre-requisite - includes applying an inter-company relationship and carefully listening to the clients to co-create personalized solutions.

While digital technology is being integrated into all areas of life including business world, it fundamentally changes how companies operate and deliver value to customers. Regardless of the industry, digital transformation is inevitable for a company to be relevant. Kordsa, the global player of tire, construction reinforcement and composites technologies market, has always been a pioneer to adopt digital technologies as part of their overall business strategy while respecting the individual needs of each site located in a in a wide geographic area from USA to Asia Pacific.

The article in the Reinforcer Magazine by Jaasiel Logan Dos Santos De Carvalho, IT Analyst at Kordsa Brasil, presents how Kordsa Brazil has been working to elaborate a seamless digital assessment, by applying a new kind of inter-company relationship, carefully listening to its clients and co-creating personalized solutions. Kordsa Brazil’s digitalization efforts includes Data Science, Process Automation, Autonomous Robots, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

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