THE GREEN COLLECTION creates space for sustainable products

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THE GREEN COLLECTION is the centerpiece of DOMOTEX 2023. This special show is the central area in which the topic of sustainability is played out. Exhibitors have the opportunity to help shape the GREEN COLLECTION area by showcasing their own product or production process, and thus draw the attention of attendees.

2023 will see DOMOTEX spotlight the current and at the same time key topics of sustainability and environmental protection in the carpet and flooring industry. The lead theme FLOORED BY NATURE itself underscores the value-based orientation of DOMOTEX. The special show THE GREEN COLLECTION – the centerpiece of the fair – is aimed at making the lead theme tangible and bringing it to life for the event's attendees. The exhibiting companies have the opportunity to help shape the GREEN COLLECTION area by showcasing their products or production processes, and thereby highlight solutions they have developed themselves. 

Sonia Wedell-Castellano, Global Director of DOMOTEX, emphasizes the intention behind the show: "With THE GREEN COLLECTION, our aim is to create a space for sustainable products that serves as a platform for stimulus and inspiration and as a forum for important topics such as the circular economy and sustainable production, as well as social responsibility, while giving exhibitors the opportunity to have their products honored by a high-caliber jury. We also aim to bring our value-based lead theme FLOORED BY NATURE to life, so as to make for more awareness of sustainability in the carpet and flooring industry in the future."

Giving important topics a platform

THE GREEN COLLECTION show also includes a conference program, a material show and the award ceremony. At the DOMOTEX ON STAGE conference, THE GREEN COLLECTION plays a special role: the conference, too, is entirely in keeping with the value-oriented theme FLOORED BY NATURE, and offers attendees top-class presentations and discussions on the topic of sustainability. DOMOTEX ON STAGE offers a holistic view of the challenges of sustainable design and development. Speakers from the spheres of politics, trade associations, interior design and trade will discuss the topics of the future. Interested attendees can look forward to stimulating contributions regarding the European Union's Green Deal, supply chain legislation, prospects for the floor coverings of the future and the topic of cradle to cradle in the flooring sector.

The GREEN COLLECTION material show is aimed at generating inspiration and setting the mood for creative use of materials. Thanks to its cooperation partner raumprobe, THE GREEN COLLECTION benefits from a curated material presentation with a focus on sustainable materials, resource efficiency and the circular economy.

Awards with Green Overtones

A jury will review the submitted exhibits and confer awards in various categories. The categories are all oriented to the topic of sustainability, but each one of them focuses on different attributes that form the essence of a sustainable product or production process.

• Eco-friendly Products: Focused on organically and ethically produced materials, as well as recycled and upcycled raw materials.

• Healthy Products: Focused on the production of carpets and floor coverings with low-emission products.

• Sustainable Production: This category covers alternative, energy-saving and other sustainable production processes of the flooring industry and the corresponding products.

• Social Responsibility: Reflects the active commitment against child and forced labor, and is intended to certify manufacturers who produce in an exemplary manner without exploiting their employees.

A high-caliber jury will ensure that the submitted products are honored appropriately, and will already be checking out the first exhibits from November onward and making an initial selection. Specifically for THE GREEN COLLECTION, DOMOTEX is cooperating with TFI, the institute for research, testing and certification in Europe for indoor building products. With its developments, the TFI is helping shape the future for responsible and sustainable manufacturing – for the lifestyle and work of tomorrow. Bayram Aslan, head of the institute and director of TFI Aachen, is a GREEN COLLECTION jury member alongside Joachim Stumpp, managing partner of the raumprobe materials agency, Roman Eberharter, president of FENA (European Federation for Furniture Retailers), Reto Aschwanden, managing director of Label STEP, and Thomas Pfnorr, the sustainability officer of publishers SN. 

Registrations received to date for DOMOTEX

The number of registrations received to date reflects the positive feedback to the DOMOTEX trade fair taking place in hybrid form in January 2023.

Prominent and long-standing exhibitors such as Battilossi, ABC Italia, IPEK – A. Ipektchi, Jaipur Rugs Company, Jambros Modern Flooring, Javi Home, Tisca Textil, Lila Valadan/Naziri and Surya from the field of handmade carpets, as well as McThree, Merinos, Oriental Weavers, Solomon and Ragolle from the sphere of machine-made carpets, have already coordinated and confirmed their stand. We are also pleased to report that ter Hürne, CFL Flooring, Falquon, Lamett, Li&Co and Swisskrono from the sphere of parquet, LVT and laminate, too, have confirmed that they will be exhibiting at DOMOTEX. Furthermore, Balta Rugs from the area of fitted carpets and Aspecta from the elastic sector as well as Neuhofer, SELIT and Välinge from the area of application and installation technology have already registered to take part.

There is a growing feeling of anticipation among attendees as well: Stephan Hermes, Managing Director of Porta Service & Beratungs GmbH & Co. KG, is confident about 2023. "DOMOTEX has been a showcase for the carpet and flooring industry for a great many years. Now the world's leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings can at last attract national and international exhibitors and visitors with strong purchasing power to Hanover again. I am convinced that DOMOTEX will play to its strengths in 2023 as well – and indeed even add to them."

You can gain more inspiration for our special show THE GREEN COLLECTION, the value-based lead theme for DOMOTEX2023 and the corresponding key topics in our official DOMOTEX 2023 Trailer . Get an initial impression of the highlights planned for 2023.

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