Stäubli AG
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CH-7320 Sargans
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Company Profile
Supplier for cam motions, dobbies, shedding machines for technical fabrics, Jacquard machines, automatic drawing-in machines, warp tying equipment, multilayer leasing machines, handling equipment.

Stäubli has been developing and producing high quality systems for the weaving industry since 1892. The Group provides innovative, technological solutions that satisfy a wide range of clients.

Frame weaving
Stäubli shedding systems for frameweavers (cam motions and dobbies) enable the production of all kinds of woven fabrics ranging from simple patterns to technical fabrics and sophisticated designs.

Jacquard weaving
A full range of Jacquard machines is available for weaving garments, furnishing fabrics, terry towelling, labels or other fabrics – especially those featuring sophisticated patterns. Jacquard installations are rounded off by tailor-made Jacquard harnesses.

Weaving preparation
Automatic drawing-in machines draw the warp threads into the weaving frame and facilitate fast and efficient article changes. Warp tying and leasing installations contribute to higher flexibility, productivity and weaving quality. The components of the UNI-LINK system complete tying, leasing and drawing-in installations and further optimize process rationalization.

Carpet weaving
Schönherr carpet machines provide maximum flexibility for the production of all types of single- or double-face pile or loop carpets. The double-gripper carpet weaving machines are equipped with Stäubli cam motion or dobby mechanisms and Jacquard machines.

Technical textiles weaving
With its individually configurable weaving systems, Stäubli provides the perfect solution for any application and desired technical fabric.
Supply Program
Weaving preparatory machinery
Leasing machines
Drawing-in machines
Warp-tying machines
Other weaving preparatory machinery

Shedding machinery and shedding programming devices
Cam motions
Dobbies, mechanical
Dobbies, electronic
Jacquards, mechanical
Jacquards, electronic
Programming devices
Devices for woven name selvedge and false selvedge
Other shedding machinery and shedding programming devices

Auxiliary machinery for weaving preparatory, weaving and tufting
Transport devices for weaving preparatory and weaving

Accessories for weaving preparatory, weaving and tufting machinery
Other accessories for weaving preparatory, weaving and tufting machinery

Electronic design software and engineering systems (CAD, CAE)
Electronic systems for the weaving industry
Technical publications (including online publications)
Company Products
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