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CHIC Autumn Edition - succesful performance

The organizers of CHIC Autumn expressed their full satisfaction with an increase of 15 % in visitors compared to CHIC Autumn last year. In total 65,714 visitors attended CHIC. The visitors’ structure shows the different sectors such as shopping malls, department stores, boutiques, e-commerce platforms, outlets
Most of the visitors are coming from all over China, but it was registered that more and more visitors coming from other nations attended CHIC. Chen Dapeng, Executive Vice President of China National Garment Association and Head of CHIC, declared: “CHIC Autumn fulfills a different task than CHIC Spring. It gives an overview of leading brands, but it also offers smaller brands the possibility to meet prospective buyers.” The major brands at CHIC Autumn profit additionally to all adjacent activities, such as gathering the comprehensive information, from sourcing at Intertextile. CHIC Autumn presents the right mixture between established brands and start-ups. The right offer for the variety demanded by consumers.

The segments at CHIC
The clear segments of CHIC Autumn guided visitors through the trade show. The new location of the IMPULSES area (for young designers) next to the fashion show center in the registration hall was very eye-catching. One of the participants, the young designer Shan Zi, said, after having attended Who’s Next in Paris, that she benefitted from the fair experience and acknowledged the high potential of buyers at CHIC.
Another success at the fair was the section SECRET STARS (accessories, shoes, bags), which attracted a lot of attention and was very busy. Chen Yanrong, marketing manager of Henney Bear, confirmed that all important department stores like Wanda, Maoye, Jingying, Dashang visited his booth for cooperation discussions. Exhibitors at the sections of menswear and womenswear were highly satisfied with their results at CHIC Autumn, too. YUZHI, a famous retail brand in China, discussed upcoming stores with 15 franchisees, while meeting multibrand stores and e-commerce platforms at their booth as well. YiFeng, owner of the former Italian brand 7 camicie, reported an intensive business at the fair.Also the organizers of ‚shows-in-show’ expressed their full satisfaction. Nobrand and EcoChic at Pure Shanghai have already announced their next year’s participation.
A special highlight was CHIC YOUNG BLOOD. A strong presence and performance was given by Korean brands, among others by TWEE with their brand Te.Stones. They run 30 big stores in Korea and are now building up their business in China thanks to CHIC.
Many of the exhibiting brands have already signaled their participation at CHIC Spring in March 2017.
Visitors at CHIC Autumn
An increase of 15 % was recorded with a total number of 65,714 visitors (2015: 57,000). It was further noted that more and more international visitors are coming to CHIC Autumn. Whilst at this edition the number of shopping malls and department stores declined slightly compared to last year’s edition, far more multi-brand stores, specialized fashion stores and boutiques attended the fair. Beijing BaiDeYi Commercial and Trading Co. Ltd. ordered 400 pairs of shoes (worth 400.000 RMB & EUR 55.000) from the Italian brand Giovanni Fabiani at the first day already. Mishi, a management company with over 400 chain stores in China, expressed strong interest in Brazilian kids’ shoes. Uniforms were much in demand as well, e. g. by PeiWEN School of Beijing University with thousands of students.
Mr. Wu Wie, board chairman of the DaXiongZhiFeng Commercial and Trade Co. Ltd, is one of the longtime visitors who comes to each edition. To him, CHIC offers the possibility of direct orders, but also the complete overview of new trends. Ms. Chen, the purchase manager of TuoSen, expressed her satisfaction about having found a very special trendy women’s knitwear brand.

Special events at CHIC Autumn
A lot of attention received the FRANKfurtstyleaward Collection 2016. The innovative styles of young designers have been presented in a show. But also the joint fashion show of BRAZILIAN FOOTWEAR of Apexbrasil EA Asia with trends spring/summer 2017 was very well attended and lead to a large number of visitors at their joint pavilion. Further fashion shows gave impressive ideas on new trends and tendencies for spring/summer 2017.
An excellent get-together is the Exhibitors Welcome Dinner which is especially organized for international participants of the fair. Here they get the possibility to meet and exchange their experience at CHIC and the Chinese sales market.
CHIC Shanghai is considered the ‚window of fashion’ and being the leading trade show in Asia it is the bridge for entering into the Chinese market. CHIC service departments assist in match-makings and also help to create more awareness in the press, just as well as via social media.
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