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Connect with the French Textile Machinery @ ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014

At ITMA Asia 2014 four complete Jacquard installations on weaving machines and the new and third generation of rotary dobbies of Stäubli, the S3060/3260 series, will be demonstrated at the large 625 m2 two-level Stäubli stand. (c) 2014 UCMTF
The next ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014 will be another opportunity to connect with the French Textile Machinery manufacturers. The French offer is very large as France is the 6th textile machinery exporter worldwide with an annual turnover of more than 1 billion Euros (USD 1.3 billion).
For the long fibre spinning industry: new techniques to improve dramatically the quality standards, the operating and maintenance costs, and on line quality controls. The innovating range includes the design of complete lines.

For the twisting and texturing of yarns: the opportunity to develop high-tech yarns for traditional and technical applications including the carpet industry.Jacquard machines and dobbies developments make feasible spectacular increases in the speed of the production processes together with higher quality and more reliability.

Dyeing:  consistency improvements together with energy and water savings.

In new sectors of the textile industry like the nonwoven processes the French machinery is also at the pinpoint of innovation.

Recycling the textile materials at the end of their life cycle and transform them into new products, being environmentally friendly, is also an issue on which the French machinery manufacturers are among world leaders.

Evelyne Cholet, the Secretary General of the manufacturers’ association, is very optimistic on the outcome of the next ITMA ASIA 2014 as the companies which will exhibit have already many customers in Asia and are well organized to offer them the best solutions, thanks to their tailor made approach to address in depth customers’ needs and the best service to enable a very high reliability of the production processes of the customers. She adds that this year a very important issue will be on energy savings.

The French manufacturers have worked very hard on energy savings. In many examples, the energy saving is in the 30-40 % range, same or even more for the water consumption in dyeing and finishing.

For apparel, home textiles and technical textiles, The Jacquard fabrics are very much in demand. Joseph - Marie Jacquard, born in Lyons (France) in 1792 revolutionized the technology. His focus on innovations and customer service are still the DNA of his distant successors, the French textile machinery manufacturers.

Evelyne Cholet cordially invites all textile producers to visit the booths as personal contacts are the best way to understand even better the customers’ needs to help these customers to introduce new products with high added value and compete successfully on their markets.

The following French companies will exhibit.

  • NSC fibre to yarn (Booth W4 - Hall C06)
  • LAROCHE (Booth W3 - Hall A08)
  • VERDOL (Booth W2 - Hall B22)
  • FIl CONTROL (Booth  W2 – Hall B23)
  • PETIT (Booth W2 – Hall B24)
  • AESA (Booth W4 – Hall B13)
  • SUPERBA (Booth W3 – Hall G01)
  • DOLLFUS & MULLER (Booth E7 - Hall C34)
  • STÄUBLI (Booth E2 - Hall E01)

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