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M&J Group strengthen its relationship with Italy with an international educational project

M&J Group (c) 2017
A great chance to discover the fashion supply chain from back stage dedicated to the students of ReArt Fashion Institute of Verona.
M&J Group, internationally renowned as major player in the fashion supply chain and most reliable garment making specialist, has always believed in young talents and prized human resources as pivotal asset of the company. For this precise reason the Group decided to work with ReArt Fashion Institute, paramount institution in the Italian fashion education located in Verona, presenting a multi-year projects with two main goals:

  • Giving students a unique insight into the fashion industry and bridging the school-work gap;
  • Developing a cultural axis between Bangladesh and Italy in order to connect experiences and share knowledge.

Supporting the attendees in their final project work, this collaboration give themimportant rudiments to understand all the processes that interconnect the idea of a fashion collection and the factual creation.

“M&J Group has an Italian heart: the marketing branch and research and development department have always spoken Italian, being the company’s bridge toward the European market and tastes. Therefore, the collaboration with ReArt Fashion Institute was natural and goes beyond education: we created with their help a long lasting program to ease and stabilize a real intercultural exchange, a human experience both for Italian students and fashion experts from Bangladesh” says Fabio Adami Dalla Val, R&D Head and Trade Marketing Manager.

For the first time such an important Asian company moves to Europe to express its expertise and reaffirm that, in a globalized world, excellence comes from all over the globe and you need to keep your ears and mind opened to perceive it.
M&J’s R&D experts have travelled to Verona to meet the students and present them the minds that work behind the garments that they wear everyday. During the classes, students learned the essentials for defining the creation of a collection: target audience, market analysis, trend forecasting and commercial tools needed to devise a full package of actions that can concretely be used in the production and launch of a sellable collection.

Above all, it is not a one-way exchange: the students who are presenting the best project works will be invited by M&J Group to Bangladesh where they will conclude their courses. During their staying at M&J, they will work side by side with the R&D team in the development of real collection. Leveraging the acquired principles learned in the first phase of the projects in Italy, they will experience the way garments come to reality through the hands of our specialised employees.

“Students will be our special guests and, on that occasion, they will taste the realty of fashion and manufacturing in Bangladesh, which is one of the most developed and advanced of the whole region. Respect for the working conditions, ethics, integrity and preservation of the environment are the values that make M&J stand out of as the leader in the country’s manufacturing: with this project we prove the world that things have changed. We want to say this loud and proudly”, comments Munir Ahmed, owner of M&J Group.
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