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Visit of a delegation of the Chinese Province Zhejiang at Benninger in Uzwil

HuaMing Wang, President of Zhejiang Lego P&D. Co., Ltd. and Marcel Moser, Area Sales Director Benninger AG
The Zhejiang province is - besides 4-5 other provinces along the south coast of China - the center of the textile industry. The Chinese government encourages the Chinese textile industry to invest in resource-saving process technology for textile production. Benninger provides the appropriate technology and is a competent and reliable partner. A total of 12 delegates from politics and business attended the company Benninger AG in Uzwil.
In addition to the offices of Benninger AG the delegation has also visited the production plant.

Afterwards a short presentation about Benninger, their products and mainly about the future importance of the ecological foot footprint of textile finishing plants was held at the hotel Uzwil. Amongst other things Benninger’s idea of the “China future factory 2030” was discussed during this presentation.

This future model was assessed as extremely informative and feasible by the entire delegation. At the moment China is making great efforts to improve environmental protection. In the next 5-year plan investments of several 100 billion CHF are budgeted for the improvement of environmental protection.

The District Party Committee Secretary of Zhejiang Province has especially emphasized that Benninger is the only single-source supplier that meets all the requirements with respect to resource-saving technology in textile finishing. This is also one of the reasons why the company Zhejiang Lego P & D Co., Ltd. has chosen Benninger as a partner for their business.

At the end of the event the official signing of the contract between the company Zhejiang Lego P & D Co., Ltd. and the Benninger AG took place. On this occasion presents were, as common in the Chinese protocol, exchanged.

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