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INTERSPARE is looking forward to the INDOInterTEX in Indonesia

A new installation of a seven fields INTERSPARE Artos Uni-Star stenter (c) 2014 INTERSPARE
INTERSPARE, the German supplier of high quality spare parts and producer of finishing machines is exhibiting for the first time at INDOInterTEX 2014 in Indonesia which is to take place in Jakarta from 23 – 26.04. INTERSPARE is focusing on its Artos and Babcock BTM product range for the most important annual trade fair for textile machines in South-East Asia which is opening its doors for visitors for the 12th time.

INTERSPARE (Hall A / Booth 83F in the German pavillion) is looking forward to INDOInterTEX with great pleasure and intends to build on the former success of the Babcock textile machine production with an extensive program incorporating high quality finishing machines of German manufacture. In the 1990s Babcock supplied Indonesia with several hundred stenter frames of the Artos Unistar and Babcock Babco-Star series.

As the legitimate successor to the production of Babcock textile machine production, INTERSPARE now wants to explain how it can support the Indonesian textile industry in achieving its growth targets when using the highly esteemed machines of the German manufacturer.

New Artos Unistar und Babcock Babco-Star equipment

‘Naturally there are many questions concerning our products and company’ says Dirk Polchow the chief executive. ‘We have been a supplier of high quality spare parts of German manufacture for many years. We have been in that business now for 20 years. Since taking over the machine program from Krantz, Artos, Stentex and Babcock BTM and the building of the new production hall we are now however also machine manufacturers. This still needs to become better known. We have shown that in a number of projects we are in a position to supply complete new installations and would be very pleased to provide a demonstration of their performance to our highly valued customers in Indonesia who are very likely to have a great interest in our installations as they are well aware of their performance capabilities. That promises a win-win situation and many stimulating discussions at the trade fair.’

Also taking part in INDOInterTEX is that cornerstone of INTERSPARE, Hartmut Büchner, who in the meantime is able to look back on 40 years experience in the manufacture of finishing machines. Even though Büchner sold his first stenter frame to Indonesia over 30 years ago for Babcock he himself has not actually visited the country and as a consequence is very pleased to be making contact with the Indonesian customers in situ. Büchner’s view: Of course the pleasure is great and no doubt we will also talk about old times. Center stage of the discussions though will be our latest innovative solutions. The optimization of existing installations through enlargements, upgrades and conversions, new installations and the supply of high quality spare parts.’

Modification of existing installations

Textile companies using Artos (Babcock, Famatex), Krantz and Stentex branded finishing machines for their production have an excellent opportunity at INDOInterTEX of being updated on innovative modifications to their installations. A consequence of a modification may be for example improved energy efficiency. Not only is greater economy attained but also an improved ecological performance - very important for sustainability strategies by textile producers and the satisfaction of the demands of larger brands and retailers.

Other modifications include for example the extension of the machine for enlarging production capacity. Additional center panels lead to a sustainable increase in production capacity e.g. with the Babco-Star with a constantly high level of quality. Alternatively, supplementary component sets increase flexibility and economic efficiency. INTERSPARE has all the technical drawings of the machines delivered and is subsequently able to submit constructive and well-informed proposals. Updating can also prove economically advisable. This can be achieved by converting from S5 to S7 controls or replacing a PIV transmission with individual drives.

Equally interesting are conversions enabling installations to be adjusted to changed specifications. Examples of these are conversions of heaters from oil circulation systems to gas heating or exchanging lubricated tension chains for modern lubrication-free chain systems. More extensive alterations such as the conversion of stenter frames for woven goods for the use of knitted fabrics or vice versa are also possible.

The basis of all the modifications remains the fact that the robust construction of INTERSPARE machines ensures a long life span of the whole installation which in turn can be extended by the modification of certain components and improved technical function. As costs of servicing fall and productivity rises modifications of existing machines from finishing equipment specialists worldwide are in great in demand due to their high level of economic effectiveness.

Smart Order System: an app for ordering spare parts

Another trade fair highlight is the presentation by INTERSPARE at INDOInterTEX of its newest and exclusive innovation, the ‘Smart Order System’ phone app, as well as providing visitors to the stand with demonstrations and instruction.  The INTERSPARE app liberates customers from all research for the correct spare part allowing the customer to save time and money.

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