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FONGS GROUP provides One-stop GREEN innovation and trouble-free solution to European Apparel Brands supplier Knit Concern Group, Bangladesh

(From right to left) Mr. Kenneth Chu, Senior Sales Engineer, Mr. Gary Cheng, Sales Manager and Mr. Walter Leung, Sales Director of Fongs, presented the memento to Mr. Joynal Abedin Mollah, President of Knit Concern Group together with Fongs Bangladesh agent (From left to right) Mr. Shahadat Hossain, Chairman and Mr. M. Shahabuddin, MD of Pacific Associated Ltd.
Knit Concern Ltd. (KCL) the parent company of Knit Concern Group which has ventured into apparel business way back in 1990s. Today, the company is an integrated Textile & Apparel manufacturing group with over 8500 staffs and annual exports of over US$ 70 million.

They have three factories - Knit Concern, KC Apparels and KC Print which are catering well-known brands like H&M, Zara, Okaidi, Jacadi etc. Knit Concerns philosophy focuses on dedication to quality, commitment to excellence, adoption of state-of-the-art technology, and keen focus on customers' satisfaction.
Partnership with FONGs more than a decade
The recent new factory is for one of our subsidiary company- KC Print. The new factory has installed THEN Airflow dyeing machine and Goller continuous washing range. FONGs is a very reliable partner in our business. This partnership started around 13 years back. Fongs has a very strong focus on R&D, and comes up with new technologies, new developments, at a regular interval. We are happy with FONGs machineries in terms of price and quality production. Their after sales service is also excellent through their local partner Pacific Associate. FONGs machines are mostly trouble-free, with very low maintenance costs. In the rare occasion of any problem, the support from FONGs service team is immediate, which in turn helps us serve our clients in a timely manner. says Mr. Joynal Abedin Mollah, President of Knit Concern Group.

Pic 1: Mr. Joynal Abedin Mollah, President of Knit Concern Group.

[pInvested in Fongs TEC series despite having THEN Airflow dyeing machine ]
We have relationship with Fongs more than decade. They are a trusted partner for us. We have 160 FONGs machines for both fabric and yarn dyeing, finishing. Some of dyeing machines are still working, however, to ensure Greener Production and upgrading technology, we have to replace old machines by lower liquor ratio dyeing machine from Fongs which helps us to save energy and reduce emission. Since TEC series liquor ratio is similar to THEN Airflow dyeing machine. The features of TEC series have been upgraded which is suitable for sensitive fabrics and suits our European customers.

Bangladesh Textile and Clothing Business Situation
At present, business opportunities in textile and clothing are excellent, and this is expected to continue in the coming times. The only hurdle remains the short supply of gas and electricity. If this was adequately available, Bangladesh T&C industry would have been able to increase its share of the export markets even more.
Despite this hindrance, we are still in an advantageous position compared to our competitors in China, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, etc. This is mainly due to the competitive cost of labor in Bangladesh, which has been beneficial for the textile entrepreneurs and the workers, as this industry has been able to generate immense employment opportunities. The government is working towards solving energy related problems. There are also plans to streamline rates of interest which are at present quite high for the industry, and to improve banking facilities for smooth operations.

H&M expand business with Knit Concern Group
We are always ready to invest in new production units, as international demand is large. For example, one of our buyers, H&M wants to expand their business with us.
At present, we supply around 2 million pieces to H&M, the retailer has indicated that it would like to source 6 million pieces from us. To be able to meet this increased demand, we will need three more factories. But the energy situation discourages us from expanding. Once this crucial issue is resolved, you will see a lot of investments fructify.

Pic 2: The recent new factory is for one of our subsidiary company- KC Print. The new factory has installed THEN Airflow dyeing machine. 

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