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Icomatex at ITMA Asia + CITME 2010

At ITMA-ASIA 2010, ICOMATEX will present their latest developments in the flexible IC-10 and IC-8 model Stenter frames.
The flexible systems from ICOMATEX, allows the customers to adapt the production lines to their exact needs. Still keeping all the manufacturing in Europe, ICOMATEX are maintaining a high quality standard of materials used and with the latest in technologies. We will be presenting our latest developments at ITMA-ASIA in Hall W5, Booth C21. Flexible energy source with the new Dual-Heat system
ICOMATEX have developed a new heating system called DUAL-HEAT. With an unreliable supply of gas, in some countries, the DUAL-HEAT system combines gas and thermal oil, to ensure the customer that there will always be a heating system available if the gas supply should become unstable. This system also gives the customer the full flexibility to use the most adequate source of heating depending on the fabrics, to maintain the highest possible quality of the finished product.
Reduce the production costs with ICO-SAVE, heat recovery system
There is a lot of energy used to heat up the air in the Stenter, which after been utilized is just let out through the chimney. The ICO-SAVE uses this energy to either pre-heat the clean air going to the stenter and reducing the energy needed to maintain the temperature. The ICO-SAVE can also be used to pre-heat the water needed in the dyeing process.
Easier control of the machine with IC-PROD production management system
The IC-PROD let you control the most of the functions from one single touch screen. It allows you to monitor, control and store the settings for your production. With the IC-PROD you can store the different qualities in the system so that it is easy to recall in a later stage. It also gives the advantage of looking at the history of the performance of the machine to see how much were the production during a set period of time. ICPROD offers the choice to incorporate IC-REMOTE. This system allows the technical assistance through the telephone line or internet without need of travelling. This computerising configuration can be connected to all ICPROD stenters.
Low residual shrinkage, soft handle, bulk surface and high productivity with the ICORELAX dryer
The ICORELAX gives you a flexible drying system with a modular design, and a broad range of options and features. The dryer features a compact design with highly efficient nozzle system in order to save as much energy as possible. The Nozzles have a ?click-cleaning? system, that makes it easy to clean without the needs of any tools. Extra units such as pad mangle, pin frame can also be installed to suit your needs for your production. Equipped with a process control system, you can let the dryer control the exhaust humidity and fabric temperature, fully automatically, and have a optimised production for each quality of fabric.
IC-COAT coating technology
ICOMATEX coating lines cover the most areas of coating processes. Our air-cylinder, doctor blade coating machine, is working with high precision coating on textile fabrics up to a maximum working width of 6?000mm. We do also produce the ICOSCREEN rotary coating unit for special fine coats, laminated fabrics, interlinings etc.
Change the way to finish knits with ICOFIX tubular heat-setting
Heat-setting has become a very big part of the production in later years, due to the constant increase of using Lycra in knitted fabrics. Much time has to be taken up by the stenter to set this fabric. With the ICOFIX, there is no longer needed to take up valuable time from the stenter to heat-set the fabric. With the ICOFIX you can set the fabric in tubular form and save a lot of cost in terms of manpower, fabric logistics, energy consumption, number of processes.
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