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Latest finishing technologies of Xetma

The companies of the Xetma Group - Xetma Gematex (D) and Xetma Vollenweider (CH) - are continuously dedicating to the optimisation of existing techniques and, at the same time, to the development of new technologies in the field of mechanical finishing of textile fabrics.

Their main efforts here are to probe and profile well in advance new textile appearances and surface properties of high-grade fabrics. The following gives an introduction of the latest developments conceived by Xetma.

Suede finish

There is a clear trend in the textile market worldwide towards finishing textiles where so-called sueding effects are achieved. Xetma is coping with this trend, offering two new technologies at one time. Both systems are based on the Multisystem equipment, which is well-known for its flexibility in raising and emerizing applications and which has successfully been in use for years.

Brush-sueding is a new development as far as the application of the working elements is concerned. Brush rollers provided with a special emery bristle clothing are arranged on a rotating drum, alternatingly acting on the fabric surface. Both the sense of rotation and the speed of the brush rollers and drum can freely be varied depending on the application. The grain size of the emery bristles will be specified individually so as to meet the requirements of the fabric type.

The effect obtained by brush-sueding is characterised by short pile height and a fabric surface that gives the impression of very great density.

A similar result, however with a considerably higher effect of bulkiness, can be achieved by Xetma's second new development in the line of sueding effects. For combined raising and emerizing, the well-known working elements are employed, but with a new type of technology. This means that the machine drum is equipped with raising and emerizing rollers in an equal (1:1) or odd ratio (1:3), which rotate at different speeds. Depending on the type of fabric and the desired effect, there is a wide range of different raising and emery fillets to choose from. The special driving and control conception of the Multisystem provides the parameters required to achieve high-quality finishing results.

The integration of now four different technologies in one machine, i.e. raising, emerizing, brush-sueding and combined raising and emerizing, is a further enhancement in the so far unprecedented flexibility of the Multisystem.

The two new techniques are also available for the machines of the Optisystem series.

Shearing of floats

Another highlight of the Xetma Group is a new development for the shearing of fabrics that have long floats on their surface, as these can i.e. be found in the embroidery and jacquard weaving sectors.

As a combination with the well-tried Optima shearing equipment from Xetma Vollenweider, a special device has been developed to open floats and pattern-separating threads. Special-type cutting elements arranged on a rotating cylinder are employed to open the floats before the Optima shearing unit removes the threads from the fabric surface.

To cope with the requirement of variability also in the shearing sector, Xetma offer this system as a single unit or as the multiple-module.

The multiple-module consists of three cutting rollers in different designs which are mounted on a three-star support. This flexible system is especially suited for users who are engaged in the finishing of a great number of different Scherli fabrics - also in smaller volumes.

Xetma furthermore offer a wide range of accessories for the shearing of floats so that an optimum finishing result can be achieved for each application.

Shearing of high-pile fabrics

Xetma Vollenweider's machine types Optima and Peerless have set the standard for decades when it comes to the high-precision shearing of short-pile fabrics.
Xetma Vollenweider is now offering a novel finishing system for high-pile fabrics using a combination of the tigering, polishing and shearing techniques and providing maximum flexibility thanks to its modular design. The variants Optima XTS (tigering + shearing), Optima XPS (polishing + shearing) and Optima XPS+T (tigering + polishing + shearing) enable the user to combine the various technologies in an optimum way in accordance with his finishing requirements.

Typical applications include woven and knitted blankets, artificial furs as well as various plushes.

Indirect - the better way of singeing

Companies all over the world engaging in the preparation and finishing of textiles appreciate the outstanding features of singeing machines of the Pyrotrop family. The indirect singeing method used by the Pyrotrop XIS guarantees optimum singeing results without causing damage to the fabric. Thus, singeing stripes and pearling effects as are commonly encountered with the conventional singeing techniques are a thing of the past.
Xetma Vollenweider's novel 2-chamber singeing system makes for a uniform singeing effect on all types of woven and knitted fabrics, no matter whether they are extremely light-weight fabrics or heavy textiles.

A large number of satisfied customers all over the world bear witness to the reliability and long service life of the Xetma singeing equipment.

With our efficient sales and service team supported by our official agencies in more than 70 countries worldwide we are your competent contact partner when it comes to textile finishing.


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