VANDEWIELE offers complete carpet solutions at Domotex Hannover

At the Domotex in Hannover (16-19 January 2016) VANDEWIELE (Hall 5 – Booth C55) will inform the visitors about their complete carpets solutions, from granulate to carpet. The portfolio contains BCF extrusion lines, heat-setting machines, tufting machines and carpet weaving machines. The synergy of competences in these different fields will not only lead to technical important breakthroughs, but will mainly be in the benefit of the customer.
Van de Wiele, expert in yarns
The quality of a carpet starts with the quality of the yarns. Therefore, Van de Wiele offers its customers BCF extrusion lines. The experience in woven and tufted carpet, combined with the knowledge of yarn production, has led to the development of a performant extrusion line, the BXE.

The BXE line is a three ends process, able to produce BCF yarns in polypropylene, polyester and polyamide 6. Due to its modular set-up, we can deliver from 1 module with 6 ends up to any configuration. The machine can either produce monocolour or three-color yarns.

This extrusion line produces yarn with the highest bulk on the market, thanks to a newly developed multiwrap texturing device without lamellas. The short melt pipe between the extruder and the spinning beam and the round self-sealing spin packs, which are easy to install, are very much appreciated in the market. The result is an extrusion line with a very high output, producing cooler bobbins in a perfect shape.

Figure 1: the BXE extrusion line running in a carpet weaving mill in Turkey

After extrusion, the yarns can be heat-set. The French company Superba, part of VANDEWIELE, has been the world leading manufacturer of heat-setting lines for many years. Superba has developed a unique and performing heat-setting system based on saturated steam.

With 40 years of experience in the highly specialized field of yarns for tufted and woven carpet, Superba is providing advanced and competitive solutions with a complete range of machines. Superba offers machines for heat-setting polypropylene, polyamide, acrylic, wool….

The space-dyeing machine, which allows applying a pattern of colours on yarns, is an incredible success. It allows making new woven and tufted carpet qualities.

Van de Wiele, expert in tufting
Together with Cobble, Van de Wiele has developed a new tufting machine, the Myriad. Myriad is the Greek word for an indefinitely large number of things and describes perfectly the possibilities of this machine. The Myriad has been shown on the latest ITMA in Milan, the response from the market was great.

With the Myriad, each pile yarns goes over a separate roll, controlled by a servomotor, this over the complete width of the machine without any repeat. The servomotor controls the tension in the yarns, creating patterns in the carpet.

Figure 2-3-4: some designs tufted on the Myriad

The Myriad can be delivered in different widths. When running at full speed of 1200 rpm, the production on a 4m machine is more than 500 m²/h. The machine is equipped with new electronics, a new machine control and many other options. Protechna quality control and detection systems have been implemented.

To reduce energy consumption, all tufting and carpet weaving machines are equipped with an energy bus. This energy bus distributes the energy between the different motors that need or supply power.

To maximize the design possibilities of the Myriad, the TuftLink software has been developed. This software allows changing and creating very easy designs by working in separate layers for artistic design, pile heights, colours... This easy change is not possible with the traditional software now available on the market.

The creels are made in-house with special attention to easy rethreading. The creels are built in a modular way and are easy to assemble, reducing the installation time at the customer’s site.

Figure 5: The Myriad tufting machine, producing loop pile carpets on 4m width

The experience of Van de Wiele in weaving and electronics, combined with the very long experience of Cobble in tufting, have led to this revolutionary machine, of which several have been sold meanwhile.

Van de Wiele, expert in weaving

At the ITMA in Milan, Van de Wiele has proven its leadership in carpet weaving by introducing the Rug & Carpet Expert RCE02, the fastest and most flexible machine on the market.

The RCE02 forms the newest generation of double rapier face-to-face carpet weaving machines. The machine is equipped with a new Jacquard machine and Smart Frames. This allows weaving carpet qualities which were not possible before like combinations of cut pile, flat weave, double flat weave, double points, filling effects…. The Jacquard has a new compact selector, but still has the advantages of all Van de Wiele Jacquards like putting the colors in layers (per carpet or per color).

The new IRO ROJ HD X3 feeders are designed for flat polypropylene tape and any type of dusty and heavy yarns, even with knots. They allow increased yarn throughput. These unique characteristics of the new HD X3 make it a fundamental element for weaving primary carpet backing fabrics of the highest quality and productivity. Combined with the RCE02 it leads to an increased weaving efficiency.

To improve the ease of use, the machine has a new system for installing the knife rope. As an option, the distance between top and bottom table can be adjusted automatically. This not only reduces the downtime per change, but also eliminates second choice carpets.

The RCE02 becomes a fully electronic machine. Many motions are controlled by servomotors: the cutting motion, the heddle frames, the edges, the Jacquard, the beam let-off… Electronics are more and more replacing mechanics.

Figure 6: The new Rug & Carpet Expert RCE02, equipped with a new Jacquard machine

Meanwhile, the first RCE02 machines are running successfully in the field. Van de Wiele is also the partner for weaving all kinds of carpet qualities. High density carpets in handlook, Axminster carpets, face-to-face carpets, light weight carpets, tapestry rugs, artificial grass, sisal look carpets, flat weave carpets, loop pile carpets or any other type of carpet… Van de Wiele will help you find the best technical solution for producing this carpet.

Van de Wiele has always been the innovator in carpet weaving. Not only new carpet qualities have been successfully introduced, but also new technical breakthroughs in the profit of the customer. Van de Wiele has introduced carpet weaving machines of 5m width. This allows the carpet weaver to fit better sizes of the carpet on the complete width of the machine and to produce in a cheaper way.

Van de Wiele is also the only company offering three-rapier-machines. Besides the increased production on this machine compared to the three shot on two-rapier-machines, the technical advantages are very well appreciated in the market: no moving incorporated yarns, clearer backside, less pile consumption…. Especially for the high quality hand look carpets, the three-rapier-technique is a benefit. 

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