Kordsa calls for open innovation at Michelin Movin’ On Event

The 2017 edition of Michelin Challenge Bibendum, world’s largest collaborative symposium focused on solving the planet’s most pressing urban mobility challenges for almost 20 years now, started on June 13th in Montreal, Canada and will continue until June 15th. The conference, which brings together more than 3,000 participants from 35 countries, took the name “Movin’ On” this year.

Global reinforcer, Kordsa's Chief Operating Officer of North America, Jim Del Piano gave a presentation on the opening day stressing on the significance of open innovation which will be a key factor for reinforcement market. Del Piano, in his presentation, gave insights on the future of the mobility and the emerging solutions to the mobility. Underlining that the fastest solution to overcome these challenges would be open innovation. The bottom line of the presentation was that innovation was a long way to walk alone.

Today Kordsa reinforcing globally 1 out of every 3 automobile tire and 2 out of every 3 aircraft tire, strives for making the mobility more sustainable by reducing the rolling resistance to decrease the fuel consumption with its tire reinforcement technologies as well as lightening the vehicles with its composite technologies. Kordsa, keen supporter of open innovation practices, as an example for open innovation model, opened recently Composite Technologies Center of Excellence which combines industry and academic environment under the same ecosystem.

Center operates in the field of composite technologies, a milestone for a wide range of industries from aviation to automotive. Kordsa’s production experts, R&D experts and Sabancı University’s academic members and doctoral students work together in the R&D and production processes of the composite at Composite Technologies Center of Excellence.

The conference will continue for 2 more days with a range of dynamic forums, presentations, collaborative workshops, master classes and labs that feature cutting-edge innovation and disruptive technology.

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