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Monforts provide energy solutions at CINTEC 2012

Monforts will highlight a range of energy saving and recovery systems for technical textiles finishing and dyeing at CINTEC 2012; all complying with the ‘Blue Competence’ initiative introduced by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA).

Monforts will be highlighting its range of energy saving and recovery solutions for technical textiles finishing and dyeing at CINTEC 2012, in Shanghai, Oct 22 – 24; complying with the ‘Blue Competence’ Initiative introduced by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). 

The initiative spotlights technologies and products which conserve raw materials, reduce emissions and sustainably improve living conditions.

 Ever increasing costs of utilities including water, gas and electricity plus the rising price of commodities  are forcing technical textile producers to seek energy savings in a bid to maintain margins. Against this background of irreversible high costs for primary energy, Monforts as a market leader in manufacturing dyeing and finishing machines, is committed to reducing energy consumption by its customers.    

With energy representing more than 60% of the total costs of a thermal system over a period of 10 years, it represents a constantly increasing expenditure.

New Eco Booster
The Montex 8000 stenter introduces an ‘intelligent’ heat recovery module able to adjust the exhaust air volume and exhaust air temperature to ensure that it is always working at its highest efficiency. The Eco Booster HRC helps to minimise energy costs and also includes a fully automatic cleaning system for the integrated heat recovery system. Two integrated, parallel exhaust ducts on each stenter chamber are also incorporated for technical textile applications.

Energy Towers
Monforts ‘stand alone’ Energy Tower has been introduced for retrofitting to existing stenters or hotflues with restricted access above the units.
Designed to be positioned alongside the stenter or hotflue it features five integrated heat recovery modules. Capitalising on the high temperature of the exhaust air, fresh air passing through the heat recovery system is heated and ensures savings of up to 30% in energy costs to be achieved. 

New Eco-applicator

A new improved soft coating solution provides a significant energy savings with reduced drying times.
Additionally it can also eliminate the need for a conventional wet-on-wet padder.


The new process uses trough and roller techniques and applies just the required amount of liquid/coating to the fabric via contact with the roller.

It has been designed for three options – to apply a liquid/coating to one side of the fabric; to apply a liquid to both sides of the fabric; or to apply a liquid to one side of the fabric and a different liquid to the other side.



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