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BEZEMA AG, Montlingen: More freedom when dyeing polyamide and wool

The new dyestuff ranges BEMACID (acid dyes) and BEMAPLEX (metal complex dyes) offer outstanding benefits. They were developed by BEZEMA AG, a company of the globally active CHT Group. This creative Swiss company supplies customers in the textile finishing industry with high-quality, innovative products.
BEZEMA AG develops, produces and markets a complete range of textile dyes and textile auxiliaries. The two new product ranges are a telling example of the efficiency and marketability of BEZEMA AG. These ranges cover acid and metal complex dyestuffs for wool and polyamide fabrics. The ternaries are perfectly matched in kinetics and affinity for even colour build-up. Brilliant colours with top wet fastness can therefore be realised with optimum money value. The ease in combining dyestuffs from the BEMACID/BEMAPLEX ranges allows for many and varied uses.
The exact colours you choose
The ranges are grouped according to dyeing properties such as rate of uptake and fixation, migration power, combinability, coverage of barriness and fastness properties. Using BEMACID and BEMAPLEX allows for exact dyeing of polyamide and woollen fabrics to your choice of colour. Areas of use are outerwear, stockings and socks, swimwear and underwear, sportswear with high fastness properties, as well as carpets and technical textiles.
Problem-free thanks to efficient production methods BEZEMA AG is renowned for its efficient production methods, modern production facilities and a multilevel quality assurance system, which combine to give
a high quality standard for products. Christian Dreszig, Head of Marketing BEZEMA AG: «We see our essential tasks as being to support our partners with extensive know-how and definitive service for resolving issues. We offer support for new product development and for introducing economically and ecologically optimised processes.» For more information:
Christian Dreszig BEZEMA AG
Postfach 68
CH-9462 Montlingen
Switzerland Tel: ++41 (0)71 763 88 11 Fax: ++41 (0)71 763 88 88
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