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Radici Yarn SpA renews its ISO 14001 certification

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Environmental management system certified to the 2015 revision of the standard. EN ISO standards: tools to achieve business sustainability

EN ISO standards: tools to achieve business sustainability

The list of RadiciGroup companies certified to the ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard just got longer. Radici Yarn SpA’s production sites in Villa d’Ogna and Ardesio, province of Bergamo, Italy, recently received the Certiquality document officially attesting to their achievement.

Care for the environment and reducing the environmental impact of production activities have always been central to the mode of operation at all RadiciGroup sites. This commitment starts with the Group shareholders and top management and is now an integral part of the corporate culture.

“All employees, in carrying out the duties of their positions,” stressed Oscar Novali, business area manager of RadiciGroup Comfort Fibres “demonstrate their daily commitment to the successful implementation of the environmental management system, so as to attain ‘continuous improvement’ in the environmental performance of our production sites.”

The transition to the 2015 edition of EN ISO 14001 compelled the company to take a different organizational approach. It provided the chance to view the management system as a useful tool to make internal processes and dynamics more consistent and in step with the continuously changing business context by evaluating risks and opportunities.

The Radici Yarn SpA operating unit in Villa d’Ogna has been active since 1974 and ISO 14001- certified since 2008. It has 280 employees and produces polyamide 6 and 66 polymers, polyamide continuous filament and staple fibre. The production site in Ardesio, founded in 1985, employs 100 people and is now the main European plant engaged in the production of polyamide and polyester warped, draw-warped, sized and assembled yarn for the weaving and warp-knitting segments.

Radici Yarn SpA is a leading player in the markets where it operates and delivers high- performance, technologically advanced products for the manufacture of textile items having countless applications.

Attention to process management and technologies, as well as focus on the sustainability of products over their entire lifecycle: the new revision of the ISO standard centres more intently on the product, evaluating each and every processing phase, from the raw material used to the potential re-use of production rejects.

As of today, the following companies, besides Radici Yarn SpA, have achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification: Radici Chimica SpA in Novara, Italy; Logit Sro in the Czech Republic; and Noyfil SA in Switzerland. Almost all RadiciGroup sites have obtained at least one of the EN ISO certifications (quality, environment, safety or energy management systems), which are universally recognized as a guarantee of the sustainability of the entire enterprise system.

“Our customers, who are more and more concerned with sustainability issues,” Mr. Novali concluded, “consider RadiciGroup a reliable and certified partner in a market flooded with environmental guarantee labels of various kinds, which, however, do not provide the same guarantee level as the internationally recognized EN ISO certifications.”

For over a decade now, RadiciGroup has published an annual Sustainability Report on the economic, environmental and social impact of its business activities. In October 2017, the Group published its 13th annual Report, which was drawn up according to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative version 4 – in accordance with the Core option – and received external assurance by Certiquality, an accredited certification body.

Read the Sustainability Report 2016 here:


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