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The Woolmark Company and Max Mara develop Wool Denim for Autumn/Winter 17

(c) Woolmark Company
Max Mara and The Woolmark Company have together developed an innovative Wool Denim line for Max Mara’s wool-rich Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, celebrating the unique qualities of Australian Merino wool.
Max Mara has utilised innovative 100 per cent Wool Denim fabrics that replicate the look and style of traditional denim - retaining the traditional 3/1 weave - but have added benefits thanks to the natural qualities of Merino wool, including increased softness, warmth and resistance to wrinkles. The twisted, strong wool yarns have been dyed with ecological dyes to imitate natural indigo and have been tested against the stringent guidelines to gain Woolmark certification.

Max Mara has always chosen Merino wool as the fibre of excellence for its collections and this season has pushed the boundaries on the traditional uses of wool - such as fine tailoring, heavy coats and knitwear - to showcase a different approach for the fibre and celebrate its innate versatility.
“We are very pleased to have Max Mara showcasing Merino wool at its finest and this innovative collection will no doubt resonate with a cross-section of global consumers,” explains The Woolmark Company Managing Director Stuart McCullough. “Merino wool is a luxurious, natural fibre and Max Mara’s latest Autumn/Winter collection highlights wool’s modernity and global relevance in high-end fashion.

“As the global authority on wool, we not only pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, but also on the transfer of our knowledge of the fibre. Our expert staff have recently provided in-depth training and education for more than 180 global Max Mara staff on the natural benefits and innate versatility of Merino wool.”

To celebrate the collaboration between Max Mara and The Woolmark Company, the two brands have planned a global road show that will stop in Milan, Moscow, London, Sydney and Beijing.
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