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Partnership for a sustainable future

David de Rothschild with Siegfried Winkelbeiner and Development-Team Schoeller (c) 2015 Schoeller Group
The Lost Explorer, and its founder David de Rothschild has agreed on a long-term partnership with Schoeller Textil AG that will include much collaboration. Both companies are highly involved in research for sustainable, durable products with outstanding longevity.
The collaboration between The Lost Explorer and Schoeller Textil AG will be on a longtime partnership basis and intends to focus on two goals. The Lost Explorer will soon launch a collection of garments under the headline “Goods, apparel and things you didn’t know you needed”. Schoeller has deeply supported this collection with fabric developments.

Schoeller is strengthening its commitment to sustainability and ecology and has secured the knowledge and advice of David de Rothschild and his team as first Hand ambassadors. David de Rothschild is an internationally respected ecologist and environmentalist.

Both companies will profit from their shared experiences and this venture is an important step in an even moe sustainable future.

David de Rothschild has gained notoriety for his many achievements like conquering the North and South Poles, sailing the Plastiki, a boat made entirely of used plastic, from Sausalito, California to Sydney in 2010. Mr. de Rothschild is also a worldwide renowned speaker appearing at the World Economic Forum and the Green Tec Awards in Berlin.

With Schoeller Textil AG we have found a partner company that not only shares our ideas for sustainability but looks to nature as a mentor” states David de Rothschild. “I am deeply impressed that as company even though it will not always be easy or convenient, they are willing to undergo the challenging work ahead for incorporating our experience and ideas with right measure of enthusiasm and realism."

"We are very pleased to announce the cooperation of our company with David de Rothschild and his team of creative researchers”, comments Siegfried Winkelbeiner, CEO Schoeller Textil AG. “This collaboration highlights not only our ongoing sustainable production, shown for example by our commitment to the bluesign® system, but supports our quest for an even “greener future” of Schoeller Textil AG.“

At the upcoming bluesign® conference in St. Gallen, David de Rothschild present his ideas for the future, the collaboration with Schoeller Textil AG, as well as talk about his past experiences.

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